Tuesday, May 31, 2016

[Review] Dell Inspiron i7359-6790SLV an Ultraportable Powerhouse

Of all the PC manufacturers, Dell has always been kind of a special partner for Microsoft’s Windows platform. The company has gone through some major restructuring in the past few years, but a constant has always remained for them: they still are one of the best references for identifying how great Windows machines can be.

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This is especially true of the XPS line, the company’s premium set of laptops; though that’s definitely not all they have to offer. Between the ultrabooks, the netbooks and even the chromebooks, Dell also makes a specific kind of machine that’s been gaining some popularity as of late: convertibles.

The Dell Inspiron i7359-6790SLV is one of such convertibles. With a respectable set of specs, it comfortably sits in the mid-to-high spectrum of ultrabooks and thin laptops. This configuration comes with either an Intel i5 or i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and, perhaps more attractively, an 1080p IPS touchscreen. Check our in-depth review of the Dell Inspiron i7359-6790SLV to see just what this laptop is all about.

Pros: Core i5-6200U processor, Full HD touchscreen, 8GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD storage, long battery life.
Cons: No dedicated graphics chip, no dvd reader.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Pros and Cons of the Meizu M3 Is it worth it?

Meizu has done a top notch job when it comes down to launching quality products at great prices. Proof of that is the latest Meizu M3 Note. However, not all of the companies product launches get high profile press coverage. It's with that in mind that today we'd like to talk to you guys about one of its most recent (low-key) launches; the Meizu M3. 

Meizu's new model comes packed with some very interesting specs such as an octa core CPU, an HD display and 4G support. That said, it's not all good news, the smartphone isn't without its own set of drawbacks and that's why today we're intent on exploring these as we uncover the pros and cons of the Meizu M3.

[Review] Dell XPS 9350-1340SLV Infinitely great

Surely you've heard about the Dell XPS edition laptops. These are pretty much the best windows laptops in the market sporting a stunning design and unbelievable specs at a relatively competitive price point. Today we're here to tackle one of the most interesting new models in the XPS family; the Dell XPS 13 9350-1340SLV.

Dell's new laptop comes packed with an Infinity edge Full HD display, 128GB of SSD storage, 8 GB of RAM and an astounding 11 hours of battery life.  Wanna know more? Then join us as we review the Dell XPS 13 9350-1340SLV to try and uncover everything there is to know about Dell's promising new model.

Pros: No bloatware or trialware, 128 GB of SSD, Full HD display, 2.86 pounds, up to 11 hours of battery life, competing price.
Cons: no DVD reader nor HDMI or Ethernet ports.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pros and Cons of the Meizu Pro 6 [Uncensored]

Meizu recently launched the Meizu Pro 6, successor to the popular Meizu Pro 5. In its new iteration Meizu has managed to correct some of the "mistakes" made in the previous generation while also adding some interesting new features. Today we take a look at the pros and cons of the Meizu Pro 6 to see if it's all it's cracked up to be or if it's just another smartphone. Ready? Let's go!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

[Review] Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013-1520 a budget two in one

The Pros: 12 hour battery life, 64 GB SSD, lightweight, a/b/g/n WiFi, low price point.
The Cons: 2 GB of RAM, consumer oriented.

There's no denying that tablets came to stay. However, as much as Steve Jobs insisted that we didn't need anything more than a tablet to replace a PC it seems that such a statement might've been ahead of its time.

Even today, 6 years after the debut of the first iPad, it still seems like using "just a tablet" is cutting it a bit short. It's with that in mind that hybrids came to play and one of the most attractive hybrids in the current market is the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013-1520.

Strategically priced, Acer's new two in one convertible arrives with 64GB of internal storage, a magnetic detachable keyboard and Intel's very own Cherry Trail CPU. No, it's not for everyone, but for users on the go looking for an ultraportable and affordable secondary laptop it's a great option.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013-1520 In depth review

Let's talk design

If there's one thing that the SW3-013-1520 could've improved upon that's its design. No offense but it's got the design of a 2011 hybrid whilst launching in early 2016. Fortunately for us, it has the internals and the pricing of a 2016 hybrid.

The display is a 10.1 inch WXGA IPS LED screen with a 1280 by 800 pixel resolution (try saying that three times fast). It's an adequate display, especially considering the size of the screen and all in all it gets the job done which is what we're looking for. 

The display in and of itself is the hybrid PC, with the keyboard storing just that; the keyboard. There's no alternative hard drive storage hidden on the keyboard but rather a magnetic base where we can comfortably attach the keyboard to the tablet. There are variants where the keyboard also holds a storage unit but this isn't one of those units.

As for the weight, it's one of its most compelling features, weighing a measly 1.39 pounds when you just use the tablet and a little bit over 2.6 pounds when you're latching on both tablet and keyboard. That's roughly half the weight of most entry level 15 inch laptops.

What's performance like?

As we mentioned previously, Acer's new two in one comes equipped with an Intel Atom Z3735F quad core processor that works at a base speed of 1.33 GHz and can stretch out to a maximum 1.83 GHz through turboboost. This isn't the most powerful processor in the market but it's good enough for consumer tasks.

To accompany the processor we've got 2GB of DDR3L RAM working at 1333 MHz. It's enough RAM to run a couple of apps at a time on Windows 10 but I wouldn't really stretch my luck expecting it to handle intensive multitasking.

It's no secret that hybrids aren't the best when it comes down to performance and all in all they can't hold a candle to most mid level laptops. That said, for consumer purposes, the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013-1520 is well off and if you're intention is to use it to surf the web, edit documents on the fly, watch videos and talk to friends then you're pretty much covered. If you're intentions are to go beyond these basic computing tasks then we'd recommend looking at a higher end model.

SSD storage and 12 hour battery life

There are a few reasons why people go down the two in one route: 1) Portability, 2)Fast Storage and 3) Lengthy battery life. In the case of Acer's Aspire Switch E model we've got 64GB of SSD storage onboard and a microSD card reader to expand on that storage easily. 

Overall, while it's true that Windows 10 will eat up roughly half the available storage, as a portable device i'd rather it have fast and lightweight storage over a heavy and much slower HDD unit.

Battery life is the other big bonus on this two in one with a two cell battery that, according to Acer, can deliver up to 12 hours of "juice" without being plugged in. Considering you can't really talk about a two in one with bad battery life Acer did a pretty good job on this one.

Set of cameras and connectivity options

Since we're not talking about a conventional laptop but rather a tablet with a detachable keyboard, the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013-1520 has two cameras, a front facing two megapixel camera for video chatting and a rear end camera with the same resolution in case you wanna grab a quick pic.

Finally, moving on to the connectivity, we've got an a/b/g/n WiFi antena, Bluetooth support, a USB 2.0 port on the keyboard a microUSB 2.0 port on the tablet, a micro HDMI port on the dock and a two in one audio combo on the tablet.

Final thoughts and opinions

Overall, there's not much more left to say on this review of the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013-1520. It's not the best two in one on the market but it offers a good experience at a competitive price. If you know what you're paying for you're not likely to be disappointed. 

As a consumer tablet with a long lasting battery life and a decent set of components that will allow you to get some work done on the fly it's a pretty good deal. 

[Review] HP Pavilion 15-g317cl Stuck between two worlds

Touchscreen laptops are quickly leaving the "niche segment" and landing in mainstream territory with all kinds of laptops embracing this new technology as an added bonus to their set of features. Such is the case of the laptop we're going to talk about today; the HP Pavilion 15-g317cl.

This new laptop arrives on the scene with a budget friendly price, 8GB of RAM, an AMD CPU as well as the aforementioned touchscreen. But enough with the spoilers, if you wanna know more then go ahead and read our in depth review of the HP Pavilion 15-g317cl where we'll be looking at the good, the bad and everything in between.

This is what we'd call a "high end entry level laptop" which means it's not in the mid range but it's also not at the entry level point...

[Reviewed] Asus F555LA-US71 Core i7 made Cheap

Asus F555LA-US71

High end specs are no longer subject to high end prices. Models such as the previously reviewed Acer E5-575G-53VG are proof of that. No longer is it a dream to fetch a laptop with a top notch CPU and high end components at an affordable price.

Spearheading this new "movement" are companies like Asus who've taken the competition to a whole new level with models like the recently launched Asus F555LA-US71. This new laptop flaunts its mid level price point next to an i7 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a Full HD display amongst other killer specs. Craving to know more? Then keep reading as we dive in our review the Asus F555LA-US71.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

[Review] Acer E5-575G-53VG What are you waiting for?

An in depth look onto the great  Acer E5-575G-53VG

Things are changing very fast in the PC market. What was once standard for the high end has now become a staple of the mid range laptops. Proof of this is the latest Acer E5-575G-53VG, a laptop that brags about a 256GB SSD storage unit, dedicated Nvidia graphics chip and a Full HD display all for a mid level price. Intrigued? Then keep reading to find out everything there is to know in our review of the Acer E5-575G-53VG.

Key Specs:
  • 256GB SSD
  • Intel Core i5-6200U (Skylake)
  • 12 hour battery life
  • Nvidia GeForce 940M 2 GB
  • 8GB of DDR4 SDRAM (upgradable to 32GB).
  • Full HD display
  • USB Type-C port (as well as USB 3.0 and 2.0)
  • DVD drive
Pros: SSD storage, Skylake i5 CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, dedicated graphics chip, Full HD display, competitive price point. 
Cons:  "Normal design", not for hardcore gamers.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

[Review] Asus X540LA-SI30205P No more Compromising!

While we love how the market is moving towards SSD as the standard storage option for newer laptops, there will always be a segment of people who would rather have a laptop with a vast hard drive then a limited Solid state drive.

It's for this group of people that Asus has designed a very interesting new laptop that stands out thanks to its low price point, Core i3 CPU and 4GB of RAM. You guessed it, today we're going to review the Asus X540LA-SI30205P.

The Pros: Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM (upgradable), 4.4 pounds, 1TB of storage, USB Type-C port, DVD reader, 15.6 inch HD display, entry level price.
The Cons: Integrated graphics not suited for gaming.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

[Review] Dell Inspiron i5559-3349SLV an Unexpected winner

Asus has been doing a great job as of late and companies like HP and Dell are left to play the "catch up game". This is precisely what Dell has done with one of its latest laptops; the Dell Inspiron i5559-3349SLV.

Dell's new signature mid range model flaunts an SSD storage unit, Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM amongst its greatest strengths. Now we're going to take a deeper look into this model as we unravel everything there is to know in this Dell Inspiron i5559-3349SLV review. 

[Review] Asus F556UA-AS54 a Game Changer in every way

 Asus F556UA-AS54

It's quite clear at this point that the mid range isn't what it used to be. Over the past couple of months companies such as Asus and HP have launched an aggressive strategy whereby they present what used to be considered high end specs on budget laptops.

Such is the case of the top selling Asus F556UA-AS54. This new laptop smashes all expectations with a 256 GB SSD storage module, last generation Core i5 CPU, Full HD screen and quite a bit more for an extremely reasonable price.

Today we're going to take a good look at Asus's latest flagship for the mid range market as we review the Asus F556UA-AS54 in all its glory, exploring its pros, cons and everything else worth knowing. Wanna come along for the ride?

The Good: 256 GB SSD, Core i5-6200U, 8GB of RAM, Full HD display with Blue light shield, Intel HD 520 graphics chip, USB Type-C port (as well as USB 3.0 and USB 2.0)
The Bad: Battery life is standard at 5 hours.