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[Review] LG 55UN7300PUF: The Best 55-inch Budget TV Period

LG 55UN7300PUF: review
  • 55-inch panel with 4K resolution
  • WebOS platform
  • Alexa and Google Assistant integrated
  • Triple HDR support (HDR, HLG, and HDR10)
  • The screen is not IPS
  • The Sound Quality is not great
Gone are the days when, to enjoy the many benefits that smart TVs bring, it was necessary to invest a considerable sum of money. Now it's easier than ever to own a big-screen TV with state of the art software and thousands of hours of content at your fingertips. 

Proof of that is LG's UN7300PUF lineup, a series of smart TV's that have managed to captivate the American buyer and climb to the top of the sales charts thanks to its impressive specs and unbeatable price-quality ratio

Just a few days ago we talked in-depth about its other models, the 43 inch LG 43UN7300PUF and its even bigger sized brother the LG 65UN7300PUF. However, today, as if written by Goldilocks herself, we're here to talk about a size that's "just right" for most of us, the 55- inch LG 55UN7300PUF

A model that its buyers praise thanks to its simplicity of use provided by its intelligent LG Magic Remote, the sharp image quality delivered by its 4K (UHD) screen, its extensive connectivity options that range from WiFi 5 to Airplay 2, as well as the assortment of pre-installed apps that come by default with the compelling WebOS platform. 

[Review] LG 43UN7300PUF: The Smart TV for Most Of Us

LG 43UN7300PUF: review
  • 43 inch 4K display
  • webOS operating system
  • Magic Remote compatibility
  • Integrated voice assistants
  • Bluetooth 5.0 + Wi-Fi 5 and Airplay 2 Support
  • Sound quality can be improved 
We’ve already talked in-depth about the LG 65UN7300PUF, a smart TV that has managed to take the market by storm through a very simple strategy; deliver a big-sized smart TV with high-end features at a popular price point.

 That said, this isn’t the only model to comprise LG’s UN7300 lineup, and today we take on the task of tackling its little brother, the LG43UN7300PUF, a model that’s managed to garner quite a gathering thanks to its following of the same basic principles respected by the 65-inch model; being a very affordable smart TV with novel features.

Amongst said features, this TV stands out thanks to its filmmaker mode, its who,what,where smart function, its crisp image, and gaming mode which will undoubtedly seduce you as well. Without further ado, let's get on with this review of the LG 43UN7300PUF and see if this TV has what it takes to make it onto your living room.

[Review] LG 65UN7300PUF: The SmartTV for 99% of us

LG 65UN7300PUF: review
  • 4K UHD 65-inch screen
  • WebOS software with voice control
  • Integrated voice assistants
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi 5 + BT 5.0 + HDMI
  • Sound quality can be improved
Not everyone needs a state of the art TV set with the latest - and most expensive - tech. Some people will simply look for a big-screen TV that has a solid picture quality, up to date screen resolution (AKA 4k), and the benefits of a smartTV ecosystem. 

For such an audience LG has carved a name for themselves with its very successful UN7300 lineup which features TV's that range from 43 to 65-inches and offer some very interesting specs, a good image quality, ample connectivity, and an extremely competitive price that easily rivals its more expensive QLED or OLED competitors. 

Today we're here to take a look at the biggest model within this series, the LG 65UN7300PUF, and figure out if its excellent online rep is warranted and if you should buy this affordable smart TV or if you'd be better served looking elsewhere. 

[Review] LG 50UN7300PUF: The Ultimate Budget 4K Smart TV

 LG 50UN7300PUF: review

  • 50-inch 4K display
  • WebOS 3.0 operating system
  • LG Magic Remote included
  • Compatible with AirPlay 2
  • Alexa Assistant Integrated
  • 20W sound 
  • The panel is not IPS
Today, it is possible to get a mid-range 4K smart TV with features closer to the high-end, for a price that would simply have been hard to believe in previous years. 

With this in mind, we move on to the review of the LG 50UN7300PUF to thoroughly explore the benefits of a balanced 50-inch Smart TV that, from the outset, boasts a price-quality ratio that positions it as a great choice compared to its competitors. 

Likewise, its recent buyers have given high praise to features so important to the multimedia entertainment experience, such as its spectacular 4K image quality, surround sound with the Ultra Surround seal, voice control function from the remote control and modern connectivity suite, amongst other features.