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Apple introduces new student discounts, iPhone now included.

Apple announced yesterday its new student discounts for the summer, a now traditional Apple discount period. However, on this new edition, the company has chosen to mix things up a bit and introduced a new gadget into the mix, the iPhone.

While last year Apple went ahead and enlisted the iPad within the offer, this year the iPhone has finally been introduced for a discount. It's actually the first time that Apple has given the iPhone a discount for more then a day, since before this the only moment we could get a brand new iPhone from the Apple Store with a discount was on black friday.

Apple's new promotion gives us a $100 dollars App Store gift card if we buy a Mac (any Mac) and a $50 dollar gift card if we choose to buy an iPad or an iPhone. Unfortunately, as many of you know, the gift cards can not be changed for cash and therefore must be cashed out in apps, songs, books, movies, or anything that Apple sells in the digital format.

To Apply for the discount one must be a college student, have been admitted to a college, be a father of someone who is in college, or an employee in an educational center of any sorts.

We can also combine this promotion with Apple's year-round discount for the educational sector. Here we actually get a REAL discount on the price of all Macs that are about 10% off. With this in mind, if we combine both promotions we would be getting about 250 dollars worth of discount in most cases. Now that's a discount!