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[Review] Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV Mid Range Touchscreen Laptop

Pros: Core i5 CPU, touchscreen, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage.
Cons: A bit heavy at 5.4 pounds.

It's becoming clear that since Dell stopped being a publicly traded company the company has launched an aggressive strategy towards not only the tablet market but the laptop market as well.

Previously marketed almost exclusively as work laptops, the company has evolved past that image and now boosts a more universal appeal with low end lines like the Inspiron 3000 and mid range models like the one we're going to talk to you guys about today.

It's true, the Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV falls within the mid range category, not only because of its  relatively affordable price (see price here) but also due to its list of specs that include a last generation Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and quite a bit more. Intrigued? Then keep reading as we unravel all of this notebooks secrets on our review of the Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV.

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"The one where we reviewed the Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV"

Display and Design

If there's one thing that distinguishes a Dell laptop is it's quality build and the Inspiron i5559-4413SLV is no exception. Sure, it's a bit on the heavy side of things weighing in 5.4 pounds but it weighs as much for a reason: it's not constructed entirely out of  plastic like most of the laptops it competes with but an alloy of metal that provide it with a graceful "feel" to it.

The overall design is sober while still maintaining a sense of elegance and formality. The keyboard sports the standard chiclet design which make the long hours writing on this laptop quite an effortless task. It also helps that the keyboard is backlit. 

The display is one of the laptops signature features as in this case we're looking at a 15.6 inch LED-Backlit screen with On-cell touch technology. All of this is a fancy way of saying that it boosts a standard HD screen (1366 x 768 pixels) with tactile response.

Personally I don't really see the point in a touch screen laptop but it's clear there's a market for it and a lot of people are craving it.

Overall Performance

The overall performance on the Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV is rock solid, something we've come to expect from the company. At the heart of the laptop we've got an Intel Core i5 6th generation processor, model 6200U to be more precise. This is a 64 bit processor that boosts 3 MB of cache and can run up to 2.8 GHz thanks to the Turboboost feature.

Alongside the powerful as well as efficient i5 processor we've got 8 GB of RAM. It should be noted that the new touch screen laptop can increase it's RAM capabilities by up to 16 GB though we doubt that this would be necessary for most users.

As far as the graphic card is concerned, the  i5559-4413SLV sports an Intel HD Graphics card. There's not much to say to this point. It's clear by now that this is not a gaming laptop.

However, the integrated graphics are good enough for routine tasks such as streaming movies, editing documents, editing pics and so forth. Would not recommend it for a designer or a gamer who would need a dedicated graphics card but other then that it's good for overall use. 

How long can it stay unplugged? How many HD movies can I store in this thing?

So far so good on our review of the Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV. It's quite clear at this point that though we're looking at a powerful laptop, this isn't the best laptop by all intents and purposes.

 In fact, we would go as far as to recommend you right now the Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 if you want the same performance at a cheaper price without the touchscreen. Or the Acer Aspire E 15 E5-574G-52QU we reviewed a few days ago if you want a more powerful model with a dedicated graphics card for much less then Dell is asking of us.

Coming back to the notebook at hand, the battery is formed by 4 cells which would give us roughly 5 hours of battery life. This of course would depend on the use we give it but that's the ballpark figure. Not bad but not especially good either.

Storage-wise, we've got 1 TB of storage in HDD format that runs at a standard speed of 5400 rpm. If we where to translate this into: "movies we can store" and discounting the 50 GB of storage occupied by Windows 10 this leaves us with roughly 950 GB/750MB= 1297 HD movies.

 That is assuming you aren't watching Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di Caprio movies in which case we would be well into 1 GB per movie and we'd have space for just 950 movies.

Let's talk connectivity...

Time to start wrapping things up but we can't do so without taking a moment to talk about the connectivity. On this regard you won't be disappointed as we've got a DVD reader, Dual Band 802.11 ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI port, the classic ethernet port and of course 3 USB ports of which one is actually USB 3.0 (we're not judging here...)

So what's the verdict?

Ah, finally we've arrived at the end of the line in our Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV review. So, what more is there to say? Well, overall we're not extatic about this notebook. It has failed to make us fall in love with it, partly because it's price/specs relationship doesn't seem justified and partly because we simply think that Dell could've done more.

Sure, we have a touchscreen laptop with decent features but it doesn't seem to excel at anything. CPU is standard, RAM is standard, graphics card is standard. Basically, everything falls in line with what we would find at this price point and below it without any real edge to it.

Would we buy it? If a touchscreen is a necessity for us then yes, otherwise we would opt for any of the choices we've pointed out previously, especially the Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241.

What do you think about this laptop? Does it do the trick for you?

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