iPhone SE Pros and Cons you probably Missed

Apple recently launched to market the much speculated iPhone SE. We've been talking about this new iPhone for over a year and over the past few months we've been a witness to countless leaks that left little to the imagination once the phone was finally introduced at an extremely low price point.

That said, even though the iPhone SE marks a big moment for Apple; the first time the company introduces a sub-500$ smartphone. The new iPhone didn't come without it's disadvantages (size aside), though its low cut price isn't one of them.

Today we're going to tackle head on said disadvantages as we aim to explore the iPhone SE pros and cons just to help you be 100% sure it's the right fit for you or not. Many of them you might already be aware of but then again, many others might still be a mystery to you. Let's see what we've got...

iPhone SE Pros and Cons in all their glory

iPhone SE Cons

Sketchy battery life

We knew going in that the iPhone SE would use most of the iPhone 5S's internals. However we had hoped that the battery wouldn't be between those specs the both phones shared. And while there's a mild difference (1560 mAh vs 1624 mAh) battery life is pretty much the same on both models. 

In general, iPhones have never had a good reputation for having massive battery life but since we were going with a thicker form factor we hoped that Apple would use the opportunity to squeeze in a bigger more lasting battery. Not really the case. In general you won't really be able to escape charging the phone once a day if you're an average user.

Same display, no Force Touch

Again, we're getting the feeling that the iPhone SE is pretty much a rehashed version of the iPhone 5S. The display on both smartphones is exactly the same, a 1136 by 640 pixel display

In a day and age where most mid range phones have at the very least a Full HD display we would've hoped for a small bump in the resolution. That said, the iPhone SE still has a very nice display and it is true that we really can't see the pixels.

Then again there's the issue of the force touch, or lack thereof. Sure, even Apple has ignored this feature for the most part but considering the fact that it was one of the iPhone 6S's main selling points we do see this as a con of the iPhone SE.

It's actually hard to go back to a smaller screen

This con only affects those of us who've actually upgraded to a bigger sized phone, be it an iPhone or an Android headset. Sure, one of the biggest selling points of the iPhone SE is precisely the smaller form factor which allows users to use the phone with a single hand. However, we would've really liked to see Apple meet us somewhere in the middle. 4 inches is just too small if you have big fingers so how about 4.3 inches?

I love the fact that this is a phone that you can operate with just one hand but that doesn't necessarily mean 4 inches. Have you tried texting on a 4 inch phone after using a 4.5-5 inch model? It's a bit painful and takes a bit of time to get used to it again. 

4K video that occupies too much on a non 4k device

Anyone else see the irony over here? Sure, it's great that we can now record in 4k but the fact remains that as the iPhone doesn't allow for external storage you're ability to shoot 4k video is pretty limited. In fact, if you buy the base model, the 16GB model you can record less than 40 minutes of 4k video because each minute takes over 375 MB. 

That said, there's also the fact that the iPhone SE can't actually show you your 4k video in 4k resolution as the phone itself doesn't even reach a Full HD resolution. 

Again, you might watch the video on your iPad Air or on your MacBook Retina but if this is your first step onto the apple ecosystem you better have something that can actually play 4K video if that's one of your main reasons for purchasing an iPhone SE.

1.2 Megapixel front-facing camera

We get it, Apple is special and they play by their own set of rules when it comes down to pretty much everything but seriously Apple; get with the program! 

We're supposed to use a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. Would it really kill you to finally upgrade to 5 megapixels now that you've updated the main camera to 12 megapixels? Again, this iPhone SE con might be subjective but you catch my drift.

It's an "In-between" upgrade

This would also fit in the "subjective con" list. Mostly because while it's true that Apple will most likely launch an iPhone 7 in just a few months time, it's also true that if you wanna buy this model it's likely you don't wanna fork over the several hundred dollars more that the iPhone 7 is likely to cost. 

Again, this is speculation but if you look at Apple's background you'd mostly agree with us that a new phone is on its way and it will be far more expensive. 

iPhone SE Pros

An affordable price at last

While pricing for the iPhone SE varies from one country to another, the fact remains that Apple's latest smartphone is the cheapest model they've ever sold to the public. This is an iPhone that can truly compete against mid range Android handsets. 

Sure, it's far from free but it's several hundred dollars cheaper than the next iPhone in line, the iPhone 6s and it basically has the same components, sans the bigger screen.

Refined internals

The biggest pro of the iPhone SE is that it actually has a spectacular set of internal components. Starting things off with the processor, we've got an Apple A9 (present in the iPhone 6S), 2 GB of RAM that mean your safari tabs won't be refreshing every 5 seconds as it happens on models with 1 GB and if you like gaming then you'll be thrilled with the hexa-core graphics chip.

These are the main reasons you would buy Apple's newest 4 inch model, well these and the rear-end camera of course, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Apple Pay is available

Apple is very interested in making Apple pay mainstream, you can tell because they're implementing it everywhere, including their new iPhone as well as the Apple Watch.

 Personally I don't really care that much about Apple pay, never got quite used to it but I do recognize it could be a major factor in many people's decision making. Sure, it only saves you a few seconds but it's simple and convenient, like Apple. 

The camera to end all phone cameras

I love photography (actually studied it) so it made sense for me to buy an iPhone when making my selection. Also, I was already deep into the Apple ecosystem so it wasn't a very hard call. That said, for people who really care about picture quality the camera on the iPhone SE will be a big draw. 

We're not just talking about megapixels here, we're talking about a dual-tone flash, about pixel size and the quality of the optics in place. We're not gonna get into detail over here but truth is it's a great camera rivaling many point and shoot cameras. Also, there's the convenience factor which you should also consider. Snap a quality pic and you've got it in your social profiles in a matter of seconds.

High speed connections every step of the way

It's something that many people won't actually notice but the iPhone SE features a/b/g/n/ac WiFi. This is a step up from standard b/g/n connectivity that most phones have. 

Sure, it's a feature that most people ignore right off the bat but you really shouldn't because if you have a compatible router that uses these frequencies download speeds can be up to three times faster on the iPhone SE and that's something that you end up noticing when you're downloading a video or uploading a song.

Also, WiFi is not the only connectivity aspect that's better than most devices on the market. Apple's new phone also features Bluetooth 4.2 (most phones come with Bluetooth 4.0). 

This provides a better and faster connection as well as higher efficiency when it comes to energy. Quite ideal if you're in the market to fetch yourself an Apple Watch (remember that they slashed the prices on these gadgets a while back).

So what's the right call?

After reading up on the pros and cons of the iPhone SE and thinking about the advantages you might still be unsure on what to do. Honestly, we love the device and if you're looking for a 4 inch smartphone then this is an excellent choice. On the other hand if you've gotten used to 5 inch models we warn you that it might take some time to adjust to the "new size".

Also if you've always wanted an iPhone but couldn't justify the expense of the most recent model then this is your chance to actually do so, buy the latest model at a moderate price.

The camera is great, the connectivity is excellent, 2 GB of RAM is a lot for iOS and overall we're talking about a phone that will last you two years or more if you want it too. It's hard not to recommend it if you're a fan of iOS and never really got a chance to get an iPhone till now.