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Reviewing the Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Package, double the fun

Assembling a desktop computer can be a little difficult, specially if you’re not well-versed with the knowledge the task usually requires. If you definetly want a desktop machine that just works, buying a complete set that includes CPU, display and peripherals is often the solution you are looking for.

This time around, we’ll present you with the review of the Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Package, a set that is sure to raise a couple of sights thanks to a unique offering and low price. Keep reading to find out what Dell has to offer with this one.

Pros: two displays, convenient package, lots of USB ports, low price point.
Cons: older processor, no HDMI port.

Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Package Your guide to the ultimate review

Screen and design

As we said above, there’s a unique offer present in this set, as you’ll probably notice from the first time you laid your eyes on it : we’re dealing here with not one, but two monitors. This is a configuration that might be a bit weird for some, but it is actually a very useful and popular setup between specific users like programmers or media editors. We’re looking at two 19 inch 1280x1024 panels that, combined, will basically give you a wider 2560x1024 monitor for great efficiency.

This configuration is possible thanks to the two VGA ports the CPU has available on its case which, thanks to its smaller size, will certainly prove convenient when looking where to place it. The design itself is a rather discrete combination with black and silver that extends to both monitors and the two available speakers, as well as the keyboard and mouse included.

Power and multitasking

The processor present here is an older model that allows for the package to strike that incredibly low price. We’re looking at an Intel Core 2 Duo, a dual-core chip clocked at 2.9 GHz.

Despite its age, this is still a capable chip that fortunately supports a 64-bit architecture, so you can be sure it will behave when handling modern software. The only thing you shouldn’t expect from this machine are heavy applications. Web browsing, media consumption, office work and even light editing should pose no problem, on the other hand.

The 8 GB of DDR3 RAM memory (with a 1066MHz speed) present goes more on par with today’s standards. This is the sweet spot of modern computers, so you don’t need to worry about excessive loading when handling several programs at a time. A session with a couple of programs running and a number of tabs open, for example, will go without a hitch.

What games can I play?

When talking about gaming, the short version is that you shouldn’t expect this machine to do it. It doesn’t include a dedicated graphics card and, this being an older CPU, it won’t get the performance needed to run games.

Modern titles are definitely not an option, and newer classic should also be avoided. Simpler games like indie platformers or 2-D classics will probably run just fine, though. Don’t be afraid to try a copy of The Sims, for example.

Connectivity and storage

One of the biggest advantages of owning a desktop computer is the large amount of ports you can have at your disposal. For the review of the Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Package, this is immediately evident thanks to the eight USB 2.0 ports the build has available: two on the front, six on the back.

Count out the keyboard and mouse, and you are left with six ports, which is still so much you’ll probably never get to use them all. You also get dedicated ports for headphones and a microphone on the front, and ethernet port for internet connection and the two VGA ports for both displays.

The 250 GB present won’t look like a lot to some, but fortunately it has a 7200 RPM speed, so you can be sure it won’t slow you down anytime soon. There’s also the fact that storage can be very cheap today, so if you want to upgrade it won’t cost you a lot.

What’s the verdict?

At the beginning of the Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Package review, we talked about how convenient buying a complete set like this can be, specially for those looking for a double monitor setup. Choosing the right components can be a bit of a task, and going on this path will free you of all that hassle.

But the true value of this machine lies, ironically, on how low it’s value is. Complete desktop sets don’t get this cheap, specially one with two displays included. If you’re looking for an inexpensive two-monitor setup and don’t want to spend much time picking stuff, Dell has a compelling option for you this time around.