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Riftworld Chronicles: Give it 2 minutes and you'll be hooked!

So most of our readers know that we rarely go off topic and talk about something other than tech related news, however today I'd like to talk to you guys about my newest guilty pleasure web-series called: Riftworld Chronicles. At just about 5 minutes per episode (excluding intro and ending credits) this is the show you simply can't afford not to watch. In fact, it's so witty and funny I dare you not to binge watch it in an hour or less.

Riftworld Chronicles: A fresh take on the web-series genre 

The series is a sorts of "magical comedy", think "enchanted meets buffy meets something very cynical" All in all, it's actually quite hard to put in words. That said, the story follows a wizard called Alar (Tahmoh Penikett) who mistakenly opens a portal that brings him to our world, unable to perform magic in our world he seeks help and ends up meeting a young lady played by the magnificent Erin  Karpluk who plays the cynical girl next door pretty well.

I don't wanna give anything away because it's actually a pretty fresh and funny show that truly deserves a chance. It also tackles on some serious issues but again I don't wanna spoil anything. Overall, through its 8 episode run you're left wanting more and if that's your thing then you get more with "The Portal" a short film that's based upon the same premise but that shakes things up a bit and changes up the characters missions and jobs.

The series stars Tahmoh Penikett as the wizard Alar. If he seems familiar that's because you might've seen him as detective Paul Ballard on Dollhouse, a short-lived FOX TV series created by Joss Whedon (yes, he had a life before The Avengers came along) and starring Eliza Dushku as a "Doll" in a world where such people submit to "voluntary slavery" where they are imprinted with different personalities.

If you're into sci-fy or just wanna see a kickass series about female empowerment with a sci-fy twist then this would be a perfect show for you to watch.  I'll leave you the trailer and don't worry, even though the series was cancelled after two seasons it has a beginning and an ending so there's no fear of being left hanging on this one. Here's the trailer for Dollhouse. PS: If you're reading this Netflix, we're totally down with you reviving this cult hit and bringing both Eliza and Tamoh back to the Dollhouse universe.