[Review] Dell Inspiron i7359-5984SLV High end Performance on a convertible

If you happen to be looking for both a laptop and a tablet, manufacturers have popularized a relatively new category of products that offer the best of both worlds. These machines, thanks to their foldable screen, can be “converted” from a regular laptop, to a standing screen and, depending on the size, usually a huge tablet.

But what happens when you get the best possible specs? This is the review of the Dell Inspiron i7359-5984SLV, one of such convertibles that’s not afraid of throwing high-range specs up there with the best notebooks. Keep reading to find out why.

Pros: best in its class Core i7 processor, IPS 1080p display
Cons: Slow 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive

[Review] HP Stream 11-r010nr, Chromebooks beware!

Pros: Low price tag, SSD storage unit, portable design, last generation Celeron processor, 1 year office subscription.
Cons: 2GB of RAM limits multitasking capabilities, no DVD drive.

In the PC space, Microsoft has had very little competition with its Windows dominance. Apple has been a player since the beginning, but it has never been interested in exploring the low cost space, something that Microsoft and its partners definitely grabbed for themselves.

However, Chromebooks appeared relatively not too long ago, and have proven to be a challenged thanks to their rising popularity. This is the review of the HP Stream 11-r010nr, a so-called netbook that aims for a new level of low-price, most definitely to make a stand against Google’s Chrome OS. Let’s see what it is all about.

[Review] HP Stream 13-c140nr, elegant, cheap and efficient

One of the most interesting machines to appear in the last few years have been without a doubt Chromebooks. With basically no one expecting it, they have been gaining ground on the cheap laptop territory, and it has definitely been a new challenge for Microsoft.

So, if you’re Microsoft or any of its partners, how do you compete with Chromebooks? This is the review of the HP Stream 13-c140nr, a machine that might be the answer to that question. Stick around to find out if both HP and Microsoft accomplish what they set out to do.