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[Infographic] Minimum Wages needed to buy an iPhone 7 across the Planet

The iPhone 7 is not a cheap phone by any standard. No matter how you look at it, buying an iPhone 7 is gonna cost you a pretty penny. However, today we've gone a little further and developed an interactive map in which we capture exactly how many minimum wages you would need to buy an iPhone 7 across the globe.

For this infographic we've taken the base $649 iPhone 7 with 32GB of storage and we've stacked that up against the worlds minimum wages across all 176 countries. You should bare in mind that the iPhone 7 doesn't sell at the same price all around the world. In fact, in most countries it's actually more expensive than what it costs in the United States.

We didn't take that into account because since many countries don't actually offer an official Apple distributor, prices would've been all over the place. That said, the map was developed to give you a rough idea of how expensive the iPhone is for most of the worlds population and how "cheap" it is in some countries.

With that in mind you can see how in a country like Uganda, you'd need 381 minimum wages to purchase an iPhone 7. That's more than 31 years of work to buy a phone! In other countries, you just need a fraction of your salary. In New Zealand, where the minimum wage is set at over $1800 you'd need "just 35 percent" of your monthly income to buy an iPhone 7.

In South America, most countries require over one minimum wage to purchase an iPhone 7 with Venezuela topping the list at 21 minimum wages and Argentina at the bottom with 1.6 minimum wages required to buy Apple's latest flagship.

Nearly every country in Africa required you to spend over 10 times your minimum wage to get the coveted phone with some countries like Libya being the exception at 1.99 with a $325 minimum monthly wage.

As we leave eastern Europe and set our sights on the west, things get considerably more expensive as the minimum wage drops considerably, not quite to African levels but well above the levels of South America with countries like Mongolia requiring 7.45 minimum wages and Russia needing 5.88 minimum wages. Indeed, in most of the world you'd need to work over 6 months to buy an iPhone 7 with a minimum salary job.

Finally, we'd like to point out that the data for the minimum salaries was taken from Wikipedia (for the most part) and it applies to the lowest minimum wage (specified in each country). You should consider that in many parts of the world, the minimum wage is set by province and sector where we gather the lowest common denominator of each.

Also take into account that there are countries where there isn't a minimum wage in any sector, such as Italy, Norway and Sweden.  All in all it's a scary outlook, not just in reference to the iPhone 7 in and of itself but about the distribution of wealth across the planet.

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