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UHANS H5000 Pros and Cons under Siege

Advantages and disadvantages of the Uhans H5000

UHANS isn't a widely renowned company by any standards. However, while that means that not many people are familiar with the company, it also means that they spend less in marketing and therefore can afford to launch cheaper phones with better specs. On of the companies most attractive models in sight is the Uhans H5000, an affordable smartphone that packs some pretty good specs and offers a massive battery life to all the users who are simply exhausted of charging their phones every single day.

Today we explore this particular handset as we dive into the pros and cons of the UHANS H5000 and see if its worth our money.

Pros and Cons of the UHANS H5000

Cons of the UHANS H5000

It's a heavy phone

Probably the first thing you'll notice when handling the UHANS H5000 for the first time is that it's a pretty heavy handset all things considered. Specifically, it weighs 180 grams, roughly 6.3 ounces. 

This is very noticeable the first time you use it as we're used to lighter handsets. For reference, the iPhone 6s weighs 143 grams (5.03 oz) while the 6s Plus weighs 6.77 oz which is pretty close to the weight of the UHANS H5000.

The display is HD, not Full HD

By now, we're pretty spoiled in terms of display quality with most mid range handsets launching with a Full HD display. That said, a considerable disadvantage of the UHANS H5000 is that it packs a 5 inch HD display. This actually has its purpose as the lower resolution allows for a longer battery life yet it's still worth pointing out.

Android is unlikely to be updated

A benefit of buying a brand name phone is that many of them get software updates due to the fact that the company has a reputation to maintain. Typically on high end brands this is done almost exclusively with flagship devices and not budget phones. 

That said, you really shouldn't hold your breath waiting for UHANS to update the Android version this phone is holding as that's pretty unlikely. Fortunately for us, it comes with stock Android 6.0 so we're off to a pretty good start either way.

Dual SIM or Extra Storage, you can't have both

This is a pretty common issue with many budget asian handsets and a con of the UHANS H5000. Fortunately for us, the phone comes with 32GB of base storage so we doubt that it will be much of an issue. 

Moreover, if you ever wanted to expand storage (available up to 64GB), you'd have to use the slot reserved for the microSIM card. If you're not planning on using the dual SIM option this really doesn't affect you but if that's not the case you might wanna look into other options.

It's a quad core phone.

Again, when looking for budget phones in this price range you wouldn't have a tough job finding octa core phones, it's pretty common ground. However, that's not the case with the UHANS H5000 which packs a quad core MediaTek 6737 processor clocking in at 1.3GHz. Fortunately for us we've got 3GB of RAM which picks up the slack of the quad core processor and allows us to easily manage multiples apps at a time. 

Pros of the UHANS H5000

Massive battery life

Once we've listed the cons of the Uhans H5000 it's time to take a glance at the advantages. In that regard, the most outstanding feature of this phone is its battery life, capable of achieving up to 4 days under normal usage, 2.5 days of heavy usage and a breath taking 14 days in standby

It's due to this generous battery life that we're willing to ignore the fact that the display is HD instead of Full HD and that we've got a quad core processor instead of an octa core model.

Great RAM and Storage

While we complained about the fact that the CPU wasn't up to par with many mid range phones, UHANS decided to go overboard when it comes down to the RAM and Storage, delivering 3 and 32GB respectively. 

This is more than most phones will give you within this price range, limiting themselves in most cases to 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. This is a massive pro of the Uhans H5000 and something that really balances out the CPU to deliver a better overall performance.

4G+ connectivity for faster internet speeds

While its true that WiFi connectivity is limited to your standard b/g/n support, we should point out that a great advantage of this phone is the fact that it packs 4G+ connectivity, something that's very rare within budget phones and gives you the ability to download data at up to 300 MBps assuming you have a compatible connection.

Gorilla Glass 4, ergonomic design and good quality sound

While most phones will either pack a Gorilla Glass 3 layer or none whatsoever, the H5000 comes with the latest Gorilla Glass 4, offering a design that's both scratch and fall resistant. It's not that we recommend throwing this phone against the pavement but it's nice to know you're covered in case you get a little clumsy. The u shaped design is also very comfortable to handle and while sound quality isn't superb it's still better than most budget friendly phones.

A killer price

Finally, perhaps the most appealing pro of the Uhans H5000 is its price point, set at a little over 130 dollars, depending on your retailer. Sure enough this phone isn't as cheap as they get but its pretty well priced when you factor in battery life, incredible RAM and Storage as well as its overall specs.

What's the verdict? Are the pros better than the drawbacks?

Closing in on this review of the pros and cons of the Uhans H5000 its pretty clear that the phone isn't without its faults, most notably the absence of an octa core processor. That said, its a pretty great phone that's priced well within reach and manages a battery life that most high end phones can't even dream off while still maintaining a solid set of specs.