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[Review] HP 15M-ED0023DX: Now We're Talking!

HP 15M-ED0023DX: Review


  • 2-in-1 convertible design
  • FHD IPS 15.6 '' Display
  • Quad Core i7 processor that's battery efficient
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • It has no dedicated graphics card
  • Camera resolution could improve
Convertibles represent that ideal solution for those looking for that perfect hybrid between laptop and tablet, whose hardware allows them to perform multiple daily tasks at an optimal speed. 

With this in mind, today we set out to review the HP 15M-ED0023DX to explore in-depth a balanced 15-inch convertible, which boasts a price-quality ratio that we simply can't ignore. 

What's more, recent buyers highlight the excellent performance of its Core i7 processor under day-to-day multitasking, the high quality of its Full HD screen, and how easy it is to transition from laptop to tablet and vice versa.


For whom it is?

The HP 15M-ED0023DX is the most appropriate computing solution for those users who seek to enjoy the mobility and performance benefits of a convertible laptop while maintaining the typical 15 '' diagonal of conventional models. 

Likewise, its Core i7 (10th generation) processor and SSD drive ensure productivity that will blow you away, whether you use it for simple computing tasks or other more demanding tasks.

Technical specifications

ModelHP 15M-ED0023DX
Dimensions35.8 x 23 x 1.89 cm
Weight4.34 lbs
PanelWLED IPS (15.6 inch)
ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1065G7 (4 cores at 3.90 GHz)
Graphic ControllerIntel Iris Plus Graphics
Storage512GB (SSD) + 32 GB (Intel Optane)
Battery3 cells (Lithium)
OSWindows 10 Home
Conectivity Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.0
USB 3.1 (x2)
USB Tipo C (Compatible with DisplayPort 1.4)
HDMI 2.0
Audio jack
SD Card reader
HD webcam

A convertible design that seduces at first sight
HP 15M-ED0023DX - Core i7 Laptop with 15.6 '' FHD Screen, 12GB RAM and 2-in-1 Convertible Design

Portability that you don't see every day

The aesthetic section of this laptop not only conveys pleasant sensations when viewed but also when held, as it comes built with a robust silver chassis, which boasts a slim profile (0.7 inches) and lightweight build marking just 4.34 lbs under the scale. 

In addition to being very portable, this model also offers great versatility to the user when it comes to taking advantage of its functions, thanks to the 360º rotating hinge that allows it to quickly transform into a laptop or tablet, depending on your particular needs. 

The built-in QWERTY keyboard is comfortable and incorporates a numeric keypad on the right side to facilitate the editing of office documents, something that's not all that common within the convertible space. It also has a large trackpad to enable navigation through multi-touch gestures.

Sharp, immersive side-to-side images

The multimedia section benefits from a 15.6 '' WLED IPS type panel, framed within very thin side bezels to favor the viewing experience, from angles as wide as 178º in horizontal and vertical position. 

Its Full HD resolution and matte finish allow you to see images in high definition and without reflections; while its multi-touch technology greatly simplifies interaction with installed applications.

Unbeatable hardware development

Up to 15% higher performance compared to the previous generation

Inside the device, we can find a powerful hardware configuration sponsored by a 10th generation Core i7 (1065G7) processor , powered by 4 cores operating at frequencies up to 3.90 GHz when pressed with more demanding tasks. Base speed for this CPU, however, is 1.3 GHz to maximize battery life and reach a solid compromise between performance and battery life. 

It is accompanied by an 8 MB L3 cache, 8 virtual cores courtesy of Intel's HyperThreading technology and 12 GB worth of RAM made up of a single 4 GB DDR4 module and an 8 GB one.

Get multitasking power when you need it most

As its buyers confirm , this is a convertible that works with absolute reliability under the most varied of settings, including document editing, multi-tabbed internet, video and music playback, non-professional video editing, use of virtual machines, and programming on an IDE (eclipse, netbeans, etc.) amongst other tasks.

Store and open files in the blink of an eye

SSD + Intel Optane: Great combination of hard drives

The storage section of this review of the HP 15M-ED0023DX boasts a solid-state drive ( 512 GB SSD ) and a 32 GB Intel Optane disk, responsible for storing documents, applications, and multimedia content and, above all, for allowing them to be quickly executed during the day when called upon. 

 If you've never heard about the Intel Optane technology we should point out that it's basically a new type of internal storage where our device will store all of our most commonly used software, allowing for load times to be significantly faster since the software is stored within the memories caché.

In addition to the above, it has a slot to insert multi-format SD memory cards and a USB-C input with a speed of up to 10 Gbps to accelerate the transfer of data from/to external drives, something we thought should be pointed out.

A GPU that covers all your basic needs

The new generation Core i7 debuts with the graphics controller, Intel Iris Plus Graphics, and enough power to play 4K content on external displays, edit photos domestically, and run undemanding recent games (F1 2020, FIFA 20, Gears Tactics). 

That said, this is not a gaming laptop and people looking for one should really look for a laptop that boasts a dedicated graphics card such as the recently covered Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-53-72XD

How does the built-in battery perform?

An autonomy that goes above and beyond

As far as battery life is concerned you can't really have a convertible that skimps on autonomy since by nature this kind of laptop is meant to be carried around. With that in mind, HP is quick to tout a 13-hour battery life expectancy. 

In our experience it's best to adjust expectations when it comes to battery life and a good rule of thumb is to shave off about 30% off of the advertised battery life and you'll get the real battery life, that would leave the HP 15M-ED0023DX somewhere around the 9 hour mark which is still a pretty respectable number all things considered.

Connectivity that does not skimp on features

When it comes down to connectivity options, this model has high-speed Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 adapters as well as a USB-C input with DisplayPort 1.4 interface for monitors. 

If you've never heard about WiFi 6 before don't worry because you're not alone. 

The WiFi naming commission recently decided that previous names where to technical and confusing (duh!) which led them to finally rename the WiFi standards to a more comprehensible numbered nomenclature, it only took them 20 years to do so but who's counting. 

With this in mind WiFi 6 is WiFi 802.11 ax, WiFi 5 is the standard 802.11 ac (the one most previous laptops boast) and if you come from a laptop with WiFi 5 you can typically expect internet speeds to be up to 40% faster. 

There's also an HDMI port, two USB 3.1 type inputs, a USB type C port, SD card slot, a webcam with HD resolution, a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, and a pair of discrete stereo speakers.

Wrapping things up

In short, after reviewing the HP 15M-ED0023DX we can say that this is a slick 15-inch convertible that is promising in many waysIts great multitasking power and portability allow you to keep your productivity at the highest level, without limiting your mobility under any circumstances. 

The screen delivers a pleasant viewing experience with its Full HD resolution, whether you're working or enjoying a Netflix binge whilst the battery offers the autonomy you'd expect from a convertible. Overall, a great option that you won't regret.