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[Review] Asus VG248QE: Speed is the Name of the Game

Asus VG248QE: review
  • Panel Full HD of 24 inches
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 1 ms response time
  • Compatible with VESA mounts
  • No USB connectors
  • Low power speakers
When you're a hardcore gamer a regular TV set or standard monitor just won't cut it anymore. You need special specs to get the powerhouse gaming performance you've been searching for, ie: a good refresh rate and a quick GTG response time. Couple that with an extensive connectivity suite and look for all that at a reasonable price and there simply aren't that many monitors out there that measure up.

Having said that, today we're here to talk to you guys about a monitor that certainly does measure up, the Asus VG248QE, a gaming monitor that boasts a massive following due to its balanced specs and reasonable price. But, is this the monitor for you? That's what we're here to find out!


Asus VG248QE Technical Specifications

Make modelAsus VG248QE
Dimensions with stand22.41 x 19.68 x 0.09 inches
Weight with stand12.12 pounds
PanelLED | TN | 24 inches
ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Response time1 ms (GtG)
Refresh rate144 Hz
Color coverage100% (sRGB)
Aspect ratio16: 9
SpeakersYes (2 x 2W)
VESA supportYes (100 x 100 mm)
ConnectivityHDMI 1.4 
DisplayPort 1.2 
Headphone out 
PC audio jack

Who's it for?

This 24-inch monitor is ideal for those looking to play newly released video games with a fluidity and immersion that your standard home usage model simply can not deliver due to its high refresh rate (144 Hz vs your standard 60 Hz).

In addition, its high color fidelity (100% sRGB) and Full HD resolution allow you to enjoy your games and multimedia content in all its splendor, without the need to resort to more expensive solutions from other brands.

Ultimately, this is a monitor aimed primarily at gamers since it places most of its efforts around speed and performance more so than picture quality which is just a peg above standard but nothing to write home about if we're being perfectly honest. 


Asus VG248QE: 24 '' gaming monitor with 144 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response and HDMI connectivity
From a design standpoint the Asus VG248QE stands out due to the elegance of its black body, but even more so for the versatility conferred by its circular support , which you can adjust in height (up to 110 mm ) and rotation (+ 45 ° ~ - 45 °).

In addition, it supports tilt level adjustments (+ 15 ° ~ -5 °) and even orientation (0 ° ~ 90 °), so you can use the screen horizontally, or vertically (portrait mode) to work more comfortably in tasks such as programming and the editing of spreadsheets, amongst others.

Likewise, its back has the necessary holes to facilitate its mounting on the wall, as long as you use VESA-type support measuring 100 x 100 mm, not included in the box. That said, being a 24-inch monitor we don't really see that many people opting for this option, it's not like we're talking about a 27-inch model such as the recently reviewed Asus VG278Q

Ports and Connectivity

The selection of terrestrial connections of this monitor is quite varied, being definitely a differentating factor. Specifically, it brings together HDMI 1.4DisplayPort 1.2 video outputs, and the conventional Dual-link DVI-D connector, so you can connect your computer, laptop, or desktop console with ease.

It also features a couple of speakers. However, in all honesty, these are far from the best and we would seriously encourage you to either purchase a dedicated gaming sound system or get yourself some headphones because you're not going to get an immersive sound experience with the built-in speakers off of this monitor.

Gaming performance

When it's time to play, most hardcore gamers will agree that the leap this monitor takes is significant thanks to its 144 Hz refresh rate over your standard 60 Hz monitors. This refresh rate is especially important when you're playing first person shooters or really any kind of sporting game where speed is critical. 

And to guarantee you the speed you need in the face of the most hectic gaming sessions, this monitor boasts a response time as short as 1 ms (GtG) and compatibility with GameFast technology to keep input lag low in each game. Couple that with FreeSync technology and you've got yourself some serious gaming sessions on your hands. 

Finally, it's worth noting the excellent colorimetry that this screen shows when playing games. Specifically, this model covers 100% of the sRGB color space, or what is equal to a reproduction of up to 16.7 million colors. 

Sure enough, it can't compete against high-end models such as the LG 34WN80C-B we reviewed a few weeks prior but if you're looking for performance above all else then you won't be disappointed. 

What Are Customers Saying?

The Asus VG248QE has received mixed reviews from customers. Many appreciate its high refresh rate of 144Hz and fast response time of 1ms, which makes it ideal for gaming. They find the smoothness and clarity of the display impressive, especially when compared to lower refresh rate monitors. The monitor's adjustable height and tilt are also mentioned positively, allowing users to find a comfortable viewing position.

However, there are some drawbacks mentioned by customers. One common issue is the variability in color accuracy and black depth among different units. Some users report receiving monitors with noticeably different colors and black levels, which cannot be fixed through settings adjustments. 

Connectivity is another concern raised by users. The monitor comes with a short DVI cable, which may be inconvenient for those without DVI or displayport connections on their computers. Some customers have had issues trying to connect the monitor to their computers using HDMI, as it doesn't support refresh rates higher than 60Hz.

The standout feature for many customers is the LightBoost technology, which enhances the clarity of fast-moving objects by reducing motion blur. Users find this feature to be a significant improvement and highly recommend it. However, it should be noted that LightBoost requires third-party tools to enable and may only work with Nvidia graphics cards.

Overall, the Asus VG248QE is considered a good monitor for gaming, thanks to its high refresh rate and fast response time. 
The Asus VG248QE has a 24-inch diagonal, whose Full HD resolution and anti-glare surface allow you to use it to comfortably work on your day-to-day tasks, as well as to watch movies and series in high definition. Not 4K nor 2K but with a 24-inch diagonal you wouldn't really appreciate these superior resolutions anyways. 

As you'd expect - and as you can plainly see - the aspect ratio is 16:9 and the screen isn't IPS but rather Twisted Neumatic (TN) technology. This isn't ideal because it does reduce viewing angles by comparison to an IPS display but it is rather common when looking at gaming displays where the assumption is that you are the only one who is going to be staring at the screen. 

The brightness is actually quite good, with 350 cd/m2, well above standard and the contrast ratio, in this case, is 80.000.000:1 which means we'll get darker blacks and brighter whites when using this monitor

Finally, we should highlight its compatibility with the exclusive ASUS Splendid technology, to allow you to choose between 4 unique image modes , depending on the task you are doing (gaming, office automation, multimedia or custom). It's one of those features you don't really set out to look for in a new monitor but once you have it you're surprised at the usage you actually end up giving it. 

Verdict: Is the Asus VG248QE worth buying?

After reviewing this model in detail, we can conclude that this low-cost monitor from Asus meets the requirements of most hardcore gamers to enjoy the most anticipated releases with the image quality and fluidity that these titles demand. 

Overall, the Asus VG248QE is a great option for gamers but not a monitor we would recommend for people who have a different profile such as graphic designers or video editors for whom image quality would definitely trump speed and GTG response times.