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[Review] HP 14-fq1021nr: Possibly the Best Mid-Range of 2021

  • Full HD Display
  • 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD
  • Anti-glare display
  • AMD Ryzen 5 CPU
  • Extensive battery life
  • No dedicated graphics card
  • Only two USB Type-A ports
When buying a laptop there's rarely a "one-size-fits-all" model. With the market saturated with hundreds of notebooks targeting wildly different user profiles, it can be really hard to find a model that satisfies our specific needs.

It's with that in mind that we're firm advocates for mid-range laptops. These are laptops that offer a decent balance of power, portability, and price. And today we're happy to talk about one such model, the HP 14-fq1021nr.

Packed with an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD storage, and a 14-inch Full HD display, this laptop offers plenty of power for home use and has managed to accrue quite a following thanks to its balance between specs and price. But, is it worth it? That's what we're here to find out in this in-depth review of the HP 14-fq1021nr.

Who's the HP 14-fq1021nr for?

Users who need a laptop that can handle everyday tasks, such as web browsing and video streaming, all while delivering sufficient power for more intensive tasks such as programming, running virtual machines, and doing some picture editing as well. Students who want a lightweight and portable machine with enough power to do homework on the go.


Design is always something that can be subjective, but I think it's fair to say that most people would agree the HP 14-fq1021nr is a pretty attractive laptop. The chassis comes in at just 0.71 inches thick and weighs 3.77 lbs, making it a great pick for someone who wants something lightweight and portable.

Though, it's not all about looks as the notebook at hand is also well ventilated which means you won't have to worry about your laptop heating up too much when performing CPU-Intensive tasks.

The brushed metal finish on top also makes for a premium look that contributes to my overall satisfaction with the chassis. Overall, HP has done a good job of producing a laptop that looks great while being practical at the same time.


HP has opted for a 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display with an anti-glare finishing. At this price range, I'm pleased to see the inclusion of an anti-glare panel as it means you'll be able to use your laptop both indoors and outdoors without any issues.

Not only that but it makes for a better viewing experience when compared to some of the higher resolution displays out there.

Overall this is a great panel which you should be more than happy with as long as you're not using it for professional purposes. Simply put, if you want a display that offers a top-notch screen with stunningly vibrant colors then you're probably looking at something significantly more expensive than the 14-fq1021nr.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard on the 14-fq1021nr is a pleasure to type on. There's just enough space between the keys which means you'll be able to type quickly with accuracy. The travel distance is also smooth and consistent, ensuring that you won't have to fight with the keys as your fingers move from one key to another.

While not as spacious, the keyboard is similar to that found on ThinkPad laptops. So, if you're a fan of Lenovo then you'll be right at home with this keyboard.

Despite being roughly 4 inches wide; the trackpad is a joy to use for one big reason: it's accurate! Whether you're navigating through web pages or clicking on hyperlinks, the trackpad is great for both. And if you're a fan of gestures then you'll be happy to know that it has all the necessary gesture support for things like scrolling, zooming, etc.

One relevant handicap that should be pointed out however is that the keyboard is not backlit. The good news is that it's not all bad as the brightness levels are plenty for most users. In any case, we don't know why HP opted to not include a backlit keyboard. On that front, we're far happier with the Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K reviewed earlier this week.


There's no denying that the HP 14-fq1021nr packs a serious punch. Specifically, the AMD Ryzen 5 5500U features a base frequency of 2.1 GHz and can boost up to 4 GHz when needed

The 8GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD Storage are also great for most general tasks, with multitasking being a joy thanks to the ample amount of memory at your disposal.

If you've never had a computer with an AMD processor then you should know that they are more than capable of handling most tasks. That's due to their ability to efficiently handle multi-core workloads with ease thanks to their architecture, something you won't see in Intel processors (at least until the release of the 8th Generation).

That being said, there will certainly be certain applications that would fare better on an Intel processor. For example, Gamers will benefit from an Intel Core i7 processor simply because games tend to lean towards relying on high single-core performance in order to handle heavy graphics processing requirements.

Overall though, the AMD Ryzen 5 used here is a solid processor that should be more than capable of handling most things you throw at it!

Battery and Graphics Card

Generally, I'd say that most people won't have any issues with the battery life on this laptop. Specifically, HP claims that this notebook, with its 3-cell, 41 Wh Li-ion battery can last almost 10 hours.

However, we find it's best to take these claims with a grain of salt and it's typically best to assume a 30% reduction on the manufacturer's claims, which still leaves us with respectable 7 hours nonetheless in a worst-case scenario.

Another feature that we appreciate is the quick-charge function. This one manages to charge the laptop up to 50% of its capacity in a quick 45 minutes.

That said, we don't recommend abusing this function in general as current lithium batteries work on cycles which means that repeatedly charging it to the max - running a full charge cycle - will shorten its life span.

As far as graphics are concerned, you should know that the HP 14-fq1021nr features an AMD Radeon Graphics card. So, if you're a gamer who's looking for high frame rates then I'll have to warn you that this probably isn't the best option for you. The AMD Radeon graphics card is capable of handling some old games but it's certainly not going to be enough for a decent gaming experience.

The same goes for graphic designers and professional photographers who should definitely steer clear of this notebook as this audience definitely needs a dedicated graphics card in order to perform at their best.

Connectivity options

There are plenty of ports available on the latest HP mid-range. In fact, there's a whole host of inputs/outputs located on this laptop that includes 2x USB Type-A 3.0, 1x USB Type C 3.1 (GEN1), 1x HDMI 1.4b output, 1 headphone jack, and an SD card reader.

We're also covered on the wireless connectivity front with the implementation of both Wi-Fi 6 (2x2) and Bluetooth® 5.0.

We should point out that WiFi 6 delivers up to 40% faster internet speeds than it's predecessor (WiFi 5) and its dual-band support means you can connect on either a 2.4G network or a 5G network, assuming you've got a compatible router.

What about the webcam?

The webcam is pretty standard for a mid-range laptop, so you won't have any issues with it. I found that the camera was able to produce good quality video for the basic conference and educational use but if you're looking for something more professional then there are always external solutions for those who are willing to cough up the extra cash!

Wrapping up: Is the HP 14-fq1021nr worth it?

The HP 14-fq1021nr reviewed today is a solid laptop and one of the better buys out there for those who are looking for an all-around solid mid-range laptop. 

Overall, I'd say that if you're a student or someone who just needs an all-around capable laptop for work, research, coding, streaming videos, or listening to music then this is one of your better options; particularly because of its longer battery life, powerful CPU, decent RAM, and generous storage capacity. It's just a great laptop overall.