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HP 11a-na0021nr: Review of a Modest Chromebook

 HP 11a-na0021nr review of a very basic chromebook

  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable price
  • Anti-glare display
  • Generous Battery Life
  • HD display
  • 32 GB of internal storage

I'm sure HP has been working hard to make this HP Chromebook 11a-na0021nr the best laptop that they could. With its powerful MediaTek MT8183 processor, up to 15 hours of battery life, and 4 GB of RAM, it's no wonder HP has given it a respectable design to match! With an anti-glare screen, so you can stream your favorite shows without being distracted by glare from outside sources, this Chromebook is definitely worth its extremely low price point!

But regardless of price, the question remains: is this the right Chromebook for you? That's what we are here to figure out in this review of the HP Chromebook 11a-na0021nr.

Who's it for?

=> Students:

A great laptop for a student with a low budget. With its long battery life and MediaTek processor, this is definitely going to be the perfect device to take notes in class on!

=> Businesspeople:

Although most business people already have laptops of their own, some might want it as an extra one or just need a second one for work. It really is the perfect laptop to take with you on business trips, due to its long battery life and lightweight design!

=> Casual users:

For anyone who just wants a cheap device that can do some browsing online without any real complications, this review of the HP Chromebook 11a-na0021nr is perfect!

Who's it not for?

=> Power users:

If you are a power user, then this laptop will almost definitely fall short. It features some pretty basic specs that should only be used for relatively simple tasks.

=> Gamers:

The 11a-na0021nr isn't exactly made for gamers either. This is because there aren't any real graphics card options that will allow games to run smoothly.

=> Developers:

Again, this is a budget Chromebook so it wasn't really designed with developers in mind. Sure enough, you can do some light HTML and Javascript coding but forget about doing anything more complex like launching an Integrated Development Environment or anything of that caliber.

Design, Display, and Keyboard

First off, let's not forget that this is an entry-level Chromebook and therefore you can't expect top-notch components nor a high-end design as we've seen on other more expensive Chromebooks like the recently reviewed ASUS Chromebook Flip C433TA-AS384T. However, it still features a rather respectable design for its price point with a clear orientation towards a more juvenile crowd.

On that front, starting off with the weight, this is an extremely light device, weighing in at just over 2 pounds, making it perfect for students on the go or writers looking for a portable device that's neither a full-fledged laptop nor as "simple" as a tablet.

The display, while not a stand-out feature, is still very respectable with a relatively standard HD resolution - standard to this price point-. We appreciate, however, that HP has given this Chromebook an anti-glare screen so that you can watch your favorite shows without being distracted by glare from outside sources or other light sources in the room.

Is the HD resolution important? Will I notice it?

Generally speaking, we're sticklers for laptops featuring a Full HD resolution. However, that's generally the case when talking about bigger models. An 11-inch display and HD resolution should be more than enough for most users.

What's the deal with the keyboard?

The HP Chromebook 11a-na0021nr also features a full keyboard and trackpad below it, so you can perform all of your typing and clicking tasks without a problem. HP has also included an HP TrueVision HD webcam above the screen as well, which is perfect for those Zoom calls or Google Meets with family members or friends living elsewhere.

Again, it's not a high-end laptop so you wouldn't expect a high-end keyboard either. Ie: there's no backlight to this keyboard but travel distance is respectable making it a good device to comfortably spend several hours typing.

Performance: CPU, RAM, and Storage

This Chromebook comes with a MediaTek MTK processor, which has been definitely designed to save on power consumption while providing more than enough processing power for web browsing and other basic tasks. It's not going to be a powerhouse but it should still offer you all the performance that you need from an entry-level Chromebook.

The 11a-na0021nr comes with a slightly limited 32GB of storage space, which can be further expanded by using an SD card or connecting to the cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. We should also add that this laptop has been designed for use with Chrome OS so you'll want to make sure all your files are in the cloud before using this device.

Finally, you'll also want to remember that this Chromebook comes with just a modest but respectable amount of RAM - enough for your basic web browsing needs and maybe some light multitasking (eg: Netflix + Google Docs). However, if you're looking for an extremely powerful laptop then we recommend getting a model that opts for more RAM.

How does it perform on day-to-day tasks?

The MediaTek processor and standard configuration of this Chromebook are definitely aimed at those who aren't looking to do any heavy multitasking or even some basic photo editing. However, it's perfect for those wanting a cheap laptop with good specifications that can still run the majority of their internet browser-based tasks without overheating.

How is a Chromebook different from a standard laptop?

A Chromebook is different from a standard laptop in that it runs on Chrome OS, which essentially turns your device into an internet browser. This means you won't be opening up Adobe Photoshop anytime soon but instead will run primarily web-based services like Google Docs and Gmail.

Is this Chromebook good for gaming? What about video editing or photo editing?

While the 11a-na0021nr is definitely good enough for most casual users, it's by no means a powerful laptop that can do everything. If you're looking to play some games or even edit videos then we recommend going with something more high-end.

Battery Life and Connectivity Options

As we mentioned earlier, this Chromebook comes with a long-lasting battery life. HP claims that the device can last up to 15 hours on a single charge which is perfect for those who want to watch movies or spend several days away from their closest power source without having to carry around a charger.

However, we always advise to take battery-life claims with a grain of salt and expect actual battery life to be roughly 30% lower than advertised. That still puts us at a solid 10 hours of normal usage which is still a pretty compelling claim from HP and not all that common amongst its competitors.

Connectivity options are another important thing you should consider when purchasing a new laptop and this Chromebook comes with pretty standard options:

Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 5 connectivity, and in the way of ports we've got a single USB Type-A port, a single USB Type-C port as well as a microSD card reader and microphone jack.

It should also be noted that the USB Type-C port available on this device also doubles as a charging port so you should take that into consideration.

Verdict: Is it worth buying?

The HP Chromebook 11a-na0021nr is a solid budget laptop that's worth buying if you're looking for long battery life and decent specifications for basic tasks such as web browsing, video streaming, editing documents, and streaming music.

 It has an impressive 15-hour battery life which, coupled with a very compact design, makes it the perfect device for students and professionals on the go who want something truly portable to take with them.

However, if your budget allows it and you're looking for a laptop to do more than web browsing and the basic tasks we mentioned previously then we definitely recommend looking at models that offer better performance and more RAM - even though this laptop will satisfy most of the needs of casual users.

Ultimately, if you're clear on your needs then we see no reason why this laptop wouldn't be able to live up to them. Otherwise, we would advise expanding your budget and looking in the direction of the aforementioned ASUS Chromebook Flip C433TA-AS384T or the 14a-ca0022nr which come in bigger sizes but also offer an interesting set of specs that are worth considering.