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HP 15-ef2025nr RAM Upgrade Tutorial in 5 Minutes or Less

When it comes to student laptops that feature a solid balance of specs and an affordable price there simply aren't all that many models in the market. We've previously tackled the Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R3UB, as well as the popular HP 14a-ca0023nr

However, if there's one feature that students appreciate on a laptop it's the possibility to upgrade the internals depending on your needs. Such is the case of the HP 15-ef2025nr that brings us here today. Specifically, while this HP model lands with a decent 8 GB worth of RAM, the company allows us to upgrade the memory to a whopping 32 GB if we wish to. Today we're going to walk you through the process in this guide of the HP 15-ef2025nr RAM upgrade. 

Don't worry, you don't need to be a certified geek to perform this upgrade, with the guidance of one such as myself you can do it.

HP 15-ef2025nr RAM Upgrade Tutorial Step-by-Step

How much RAM can I install? What Type of RAM can I install?

The HP 15-ef2025nr comes with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, occupying only one of the two available slots on the laptop. That means that the RAM is working as single-channel RAM instead of taking advantage of the Dual-Channel RAM you're about to appreciate once you've performed the upgrade. 

Dual-channel RAM is great because it greatly improves the speed of the laptop, which is why we don't understand why, for the sake of saving a couple of dollars manufacturers don't opt for integrating two RAM units on their laptops, but that's another issue altogether. 

In any case, as mentioned above, the HP 15-ef2025nr supports up to 32 GB of RAM, 16 GB on each of the two available slots. As for the type of RAM, you're going to need a DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHz Non-ECC SODIMM memory module. Specifically, you're either going to need a couple of compatible 8 GB modules or 16 GB modules of RAM

How much RAM should I get?

While you may be tempted to purchase 32 GB of RAM through the use of two 16 GB modules we believe that, for the most part, 16 GB should more than suffice most use cases

Basically, unless you're gaming, rendering video for editing, or working with Photoshop on a professional grade there are not that many instances where 32 GB would be a noticeable improvement over 16 GB. Just something worth considering. 

Should I upgrade the onboard RAM?

Yes. It's recommended that you remove the onboard RAM and replace it with a new stick, making both sticks of RAM completely identical from every standpoint. This is recommended because that's the best way to ensure your laptop delivers dual-channel RAM. Otherwise, you could end up with a laptop that effectively has more RAM but by not working as dual-channel RAM isn't benefitting of the speed this upgrade could bring.

How To Perform the Memory Upgrade

Step 1: Before doing anything you want to make sure the 15-ef2025nr is turned off and disconnected from the power supply. 

Once that's done place the laptop upside down and start removing the screws. You'll notice that the notebook features two visible screws located on the sides of the laptop bottom case. It does, however, also feature 6 screws located below the two rubber strips. You're going to need to gently remove the rubber strips and then proceed to remove those screws as well like so.

Tip: make sure your hands are clean before removing the rubber strip as you could attach dirt to the adhesive on the strip otherwise. 

Step 2: Now that you have removed the screws, you're going to need to make use of a pry tool of some sorts to help you open the laptop up. Warning: do not use a screwdriver as this will most certainly damage your laptop's case. We recommend using a guitar pick if you have one handy or buying a prying kit such as this one.

Gently insert the pry in the tiny gap between the case and the chassis and start to gently separate the case from the rest of the laptop.

Step 3: Once you have successfully removed the bottom case you will quickly see the two RAM slots located on the top-left side of the battery. That's where you're going to remove the onboard RAM and insert the new RAM you've bought to install on this notebook. 

To remove the onboard RAM you're going to pull outwards on the two triggers located on the sides of the module. Doing this will release the RAM at a 45-degree angle, remove it at the same degree, don't pull upwards to remove the module.

Step 4: Now that you have removed the onboard RAM module you're going to insert the RAM modules you've bought on the RAM slots. To do this simply introduce them at a 45-degree angle as the example picture below shows, whilst making sure that the notch on the RAM and the notch on the DIMM align perfectly. If the notches don't align then you won't be able to insert the memory onto the module. 

Step 5: Finally, once you have inserted the memory onto the module at a 45-degree angle you're going to gently but firmly press down on the module and you'll hear a clicking sound which is the sound of the latches snapping back into place and clutching to the RAM

Now you may place the bottom case back by attaching the screws you removed in step 1. Turn the laptop on and wait roughly 10 seconds as the BIOS scans the new memory. Now go to the "Device Specifications" where you'll see the new amount of memory reflected under the "Installed memory" line. 

And that's it. That's all it took for you to install more RAM on the HP 15-ef2025nr. A simple upgrade that's going to have a substantial impact on the laptop's everyday performance and that must've taken you all of 5-10 minutes to perform.