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MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001 RAM Upgrade Tutorial in 5 Min

           MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001 RAM Upgrade Tutorial

We've already talked extensively about the MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001, a gaming laptop with staying power thanks to its powerful dedicated graphics card, 11th generation i7 processor, and generous storage at a very competitive price

However, if there's one thing we're not huge fans of on this particular laptop is the RAM capacity it's shipped with. Specifically, this model comes out of the box with 16 GB of RAM. That's ok for an average user but for a hardcore gamer and someone who might want to use this laptop also for things such as graphic design or 4K video editing, it falls short. 

Fortunately for us, MSI ships this laptop with two slots that you can use to change the RAM modules and expand the memory of this laptop in a quick and easy fashion. Today we've set out to show you how to do just that in this MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001 RAM upgrade tutorial. Don't worry, you don't need technical knowledge for this, you'll be in and out in 5 minutes. 

How to Upgrade The RAM on the MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001 

Before we go and buy our RAM from our favorite tech store we need to know two basic things. 1) What Type of RAM does this laptop take? 2) How much RAM can I install? That's what we'll be covering in this segment.

How much RAM does the MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001 take? What type of RAM do I need?

As we mentioned before, the GL66 11UGK-001 comes out of the box with 16 GB of RAM divided into two 8 GB units for optimal performance. However, you can upgrade the memory on this gaming laptop to a maximum of 64 GB through the use of two 32 GB modules.

The type of RAM it uses is the DDR4 PC4-25600 3200 MHz NON-ECC SO-DIMM. That means it uses the latest generation DDR4 RAM modules clocking at a speed of 3200 MHz with the SODIMM form factor. 

Finally, you're going to need to decide how much memory you want this laptop to have. We recommend at least upgrading to 32 GB with two 16 GB modules

You could also opt for going all the way up to 64 GB with two 32 GB units. This will be especially useful if you plan on using the laptop for hardcore video editing but if that's not your plan then we would recommend sticking to 64 GB and save your money. 

Step by Step Upgrade Process for the MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001

Before even thinking about removing the bottom cover of this laptop you should make sure that it's fully turned off and disconnected from the power source. This is a safety measure that we recommend in all our RAM Upgrade Tutorials.

Step 1: With the laptop turned off, place it on its back and remove all the screws located at the bottom of the laptop and attaching the bottom case to the chassis. 

Step 2: Once the screws have been properly removed we would recommend the use of a prying tool of some sorts to help you open up this bad boy. Many people will use a guitar pick but you can use anything that's thin and isn't metallic since metal is an electrical conductor and you don't want to have a nasty surprise during this process. 

Step 3: When you finally managed to remove the case. Congrats BTW!. You will see that the laptop has both RAM modules on display with a heat shield covering them. You could go ahead and disconnect the battery if you want but that's not strictly necessary when doing a RAM upgrade. Here's a picture of what the RAM slots look like:

Step 4: To remove the RAM modules you're going to perform the same action twice since you're going to insert two new RAM modules. If you only bought one 16 GB RAM module then that's a bit of a bummer because for the laptop's RAM to work in dual channel mode you need to have both RAM modules be identical in size, speed, and voltage. 

Remove the onboard RAM by placing your fingers on the side of each slot. You will notice a metallic clasp, pull outwards and the RAM modules will be released at a 45-degree angle. That's how you should remove them to make sure you don't break any of the pins.

Step 5: Grab the modules that you have bought and insert them into the available slots at a 45-degree angle starting from the bottom slot (the same one as how you removed them) and make sure that the pins align perfectly. 

If the pins don't align you're doing it wrong and you should shift the module. You'll also notice a small notch located slightly off-center on the module, that notch is on the slot as well, once that is aligned you're good to go. Here's an illustrative image of what that would look like: 

Step 6: When the modules have been properly inserted onto the slots you're going to gently press down on them until you hear a "clicking" sound. That means that the metallic clasps on the side of the slots have attached the RAM and that the installation was successful. Congrats again!

Step 7: Re-attach the bottom case back to the body of the laptop using the screws you removed in the beginning of this tutorial. After that's done you can go ahead and turn the laptop on. You will notice a small delay in the boot time because the BIOS is scanning the new components of the laptop and it takes a beat to recognize them and integrate them onto the system.

After the system has launched simply head over to "Device Specifications" and that's where you'll be able to see the new amount of RAM on your MSI Pulse GL66 11UGK-001

And that's all. As we said it's a very simple and straightforward process and one that's bound to deliver a great boost in performance for both avid multitaskers, hardcore gamers, and video editors alike. 

The RAM upgrade is easily one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your laptop speed with minimal knowledge and in a very quick fashion. We hope you enjoy all the possibilities that this new upgrade will certainly offer you!