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Tronsmart Apollo Air + : Review of My Go-To Headphones

Review of Tronsmart Apollo Air Earbuds

It's no secret that over here at 9to5gadgets we're big fans of Tronsmart. Over the years we've managed to review several of their signature headphones and speakers 
and today we've got the opportunity to do the same with the Tronsmart Apollo Air + earbuds.

The audio performance on these earbuds is excellent with crisp highs and deep lows, making them great for bass lovers!

They also come with an amazing case that can charge your earbuds up to five times before you need to plug them in again! If you're looking for some true wireless earbuds that are truly competitively priced, then look no further than the Apollo Airs + we're reviewing today and that I have personally been using as my go-to headphones for the past 6 months for their ease of use, sound quality, and comfortable design.


The design of the Apollo Air + wireless headphones is modern and sleek. The earbuds are large enough to fit your ears comfortably, but they don't protrude too much out of the base of your skull like some other brands do. They're also designed in such a way that will keep them from slipping out or getting caught on anything due to their circular design. The earbuds are made of durable plastic, so they won't break if you drop them on the floor or accidentally sit on them (which is something I wish I could say about my other headphones!).


The audio performance is great with
crisp highs and deep lows that make it perfect for bass heads! These earbuds come with noise-canceling technology as well which helps to drown out any background noise, like airplane engines or construction work. It doesn't completely eliminate all noise but does help when trying to have conversations in noisy environments.

Getting down to the specs, these Tronsmart earbuds feature the Qualcomm QCC3046 chipset which means they're equipped with aptX Bluetooth technology and can connect to two devices at the same time. They also have a battery life of up to 5 hours (with four extra charges in the case) so you'll be able to listen all day without having to charge them again!

Its sleek design is perfect for on-the-go storage which makes packing easy because these headphones take up less room than other brands do in my suitcase.

The charging case is made out of high-quality plastic - not the cheap and flimsy type - making it durable enough for you to travel with it. The battery life of the charging case is also quite good, allowing you to fully charge the earbuds up to five times -that's 20 hours' worth of battery! -, meaning you can charge your earbuds as much or little as you want and still have juice left for days!

What's the call quality like? Is the microphone any good?

call quality is excellent. When I was talking to someone on speakerphone, they couldn't even tell that it was coming through an earbud or a hands-free device (that's the whole point of using these Apollo Airs!).

Their microphone also does a great job at picking up sound well and doesn't distort too much when you're in noisy environments -like airplanes!

What about Bluetooth connectivity? What's the range like?

The Bluetooth connectivity is also excellent - it's Bluetooth 5.2 -. I didn't experience any problems with the earbuds cutting out randomly or there being a lag in sound when they were paired to my device (even at some distance!).

The range is also pretty good -I was able to walk outside my house and still use them without any interruptions or signal loss! However, that is to be expected when you're using the 5.2 standard which delivers a range of over 100 meters - unlike previous generations which were limited to 10 meters -.

Shortcuts and Functions

These headphones come with a few shortcuts that are easy to access. You can take a call, pause or play music by simply tapping the left earbud a couple of times, and tap once for lowering the volume (you'll find this on both your right and left ear).

The right earbud also offers the option to hang up on a call, activate the virtual assistant in your phone, increase the volume as well as skip ahead on the music list.

Finally, tapping three times on the left earbud will activate noise canceling whilst tapping three times on the right bud will cancel it.

They also feature a very interesting function called "ambient sound" which allows you to turn your headphones on but still be able to hear what's going on in the environment around you. It allows me, as a blogger, to be aware of my surroundings while I'm typing away at my computer and not miss an important call or text message from a family member!


Closing up this review of the Tronsmart Apollo Air + earbuds I can safely say that these are some of the best Bluetooth headphones I've ever come across within their price range. They have a sleek design, they're comfortable and lightweight -they don't feel like you're wearing them- and they sound great!

They also connect with your phone or tablet easily, their battery life is long so you can listen to music all day without worrying about recharging them and the case that comes with it is very high quality.

If you're looking for great Bluetooth headphones, these ones should be on your list because they have all of the features you need to make daily life easier. They also come in two beautiful colors: matte black and a matte white.

Overall, a great choice of earbuds if you're looking to get yourself a nice pair of affordable noise-canceling earbuds with TWS technology and don't want to break the bank in the process.