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[Review] MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US: Take My Money!

The MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US is a 15.6" gaming laptop that offers impressive performance for gamers and creators. It features a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB NVMe SSD. 

With a sleek design and a high refresh rate display, this laptop aims to deliver an immersive gaming experience. In this review, we will dive into the various aspects of the MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US to assess if this is the right laptop for you or if you should keep searching for an alternative. 

MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US Gaming Laptop Review

Design, Display, and Keyboard

Much like the recently reviewed ASUS TUF F17 FX706HCB-ES51, the MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US sports a sleek and modern design that appeals to gamers and professionals alike. Its black color scheme gives it a sophisticated look, and the relatively thin profile adds to its portability. The laptop is well-built with a sturdy metal casing, ensuring durability and longevity.

The 15.6" display is a standout feature of this laptop. With a fast 144Hz refresh rate, it delivers smooth and vibrant visuals, making gameplay and multimedia consumption enjoyable. The brightness and clarity of the display are impressive, allowing for an immersive visual experience. However, one user mentioned that they would have preferred a 120Hz display to provide better cooling headroom during intense gaming sessions.

The keyboard on the MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US is well-designed and provides a comfortable typing experience. The keys are large, with shallow press depth and light resistance. While the keyboard is membrane-based, the keys feel responsive and provide good feedback. The trackpad is precise and offers low latency, making navigation effortless.

Performance (CPU, RAM, and Storage)

The 12VE-066US is equipped with a powerful 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, offering excellent performance for both gaming and productivity tasks. The 10-core configuration ensures smooth multitasking and allows for demanding applications to run seamlessly. Users can enjoy lag-free gaming, video editing, and content creation on this laptop.

With 16GB of DDR4 RAM, the laptop provides sufficient memory for most tasks. However, some users have found that additional RAM is beneficial, especially for resource-intensive applications such as virtualization software and photo editing. Upgrading the RAM to 64GB can significantly improve performance in these scenarios.

The 512GB NVMe SSD offers fast data transfer speeds, contributing to quick system responsiveness. However, some users have expressed disappointment with the limited storage capacity. The laptop supports additional storage upgrades, but opening the case for customization is not for everyone, even though it's a fairly straightforward process. 

Overall, the laptop provides a powerful and capable performance for everyday use. Whether you're working on tasks, playing games, or editing content, this laptop delivers a smooth and responsive experience. If you require more storage or have specific software needs, you have the flexibility to upgrade and customize the laptop to suit your requirements.

Graphics Card

The MSI Thin GF63 features the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card. This GPU is part of the RTX 40 Series, which utilizes the efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. With its advanced performance and AI-powered graphics, the RTX 4050 delivers a significant leap in gaming and creative applications. Users can experience lifelike virtual worlds, ray tracing, and high FPS gaming.

The laptop's graphics capabilities enable smooth gameplay and provide the necessary power for demanding creative work. The inclusion of DLSS 3 and RT Cores enhances performance in games and allows for detailed virtual world rendering. The RTX 4050 also offers a great balance between performance and power efficiency, making it suitable for gamers and creators alike.

Ultimately, it's a stellar graphics card and one that you'd be hard-pressed to find in another laptop within this price range. 

What Are Customers Saying?

Customers have been overwhelmingly positive about the MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US gaming laptop. They appreciate its solid performance and versatility, making it an excellent choice for gaming, Photoshop, programming, and production needs. Equipped with a powerful 10-core 12th gen i7 processor and a dedicated RTX 4050 GPU with 6GB of VRAM, this laptop delivers more than enough power for various tasks.

The 15.6" screen with great brightness and clarity has received high praise from customers. The display's 144Hz refresh rate ensures smooth visuals, enhancing the overall gaming experience. While some customers debated whether a larger 17" screen was necessary, they found the 15" display to be more than sufficient.

In terms of build quality, the MSI Thin GF63 impresses with its metal casing, providing a sturdy and durable feel. Customers appreciate the sleek design and the inclusion of a number pad on the keyboard. The trackpad is precise and responsive, adding to the overall usability of the laptop.

Customers also highlight the value for money that the MSI Thin GF63 offers. They mention the competitive price point for a gaming laptop with such impressive specifications. Despite a few limitations, such as the 512GB SSD storage space, customers have found ways to upgrade and customize the laptop according to their needs.

Overall, customers agree that the MSI Thin GF63 is a solid gaming laptop, offering excellent performance and versatility at a reasonable price. Its powerful processor, dedicated GPU, and high-quality display make it a great choice for gamers and professionals alike.

Connectivity Options

The MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US offers a range of connectivity options to accommodate various peripherals and devices. It features a USB Type-C port, which provides fast data transfer speeds and allows for connection to external displays or docking stations. It also features three USB Type-A ports, an Ethernet port, as well as both an audio and microphone jack. 

As you'd expect the laptop also supports Wi-Fi 6, offering lightning-fast gameplay, seamless streaming, and enhanced communication experiences. It goes without saying that the laptop also includes the latest Bluetooth standard. 

Special Features

The 12VE-066US comes with several special features that enhance the overall user experience. The Cooler Boost 5 cooling system utilizes two fans and six heat pipes to ensure optimal thermal dissipation, allowing for the best gaming and creative performance. This cooling solution helps maintain lower temperatures and prevents throttling during intensive tasks.

Additionally, the laptop incorporates Nahimic in-game 3D surround sound and Sound Sharing via Bluetooth, delivering an immersive audio experience. Users can enjoy audio the way it was intended and share it with others, enhancing the gaming and multimedia experience.


In conclusion, the MSI Thin GF63 12VE-066US reviewed here is a solid gaming laptop that offers impressive performance for its price range. With its 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics, and fast 144Hz display, it delivers smooth and vibrant gaming experiences. The laptop's design is sleek and portable, making it suitable for on-the-go gaming or professional use.

While some users have expressed concerns about storage capacity and cooling, these issues can be addressed through customization and modifications. Upgrading the storage and RAM can enhance the laptop's performance, especially for resource-intensive tasks. Additionally, using cooling pads or stands can help improve thermal management and increase the laptop's lifespan.

Overall, MSI's latest offering provides a great balance between price and performance. It is an excellent choice for students on a budget, gamers, and professionals who require a versatile and capable laptop. With its powerful specifications and special features, it provides a solid foundation for gaming, creative work, and everyday computing needs.