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URAO UA-P15 Laptop: Unveiling the Affordable Gem

In the vast sea of laptops available today, finding an entry-level laptop that doesn't compromise on performance, display quality, and overall functionality can be a daunting task. The URAO UA-P15, however, seeks to be that elusive gem by offering a wallet-friendly laptop that doesn't compromise on key aspects. 

Featuring a staggering 12 GB of RAM, a spacious 512 GB of SSD storage, and a powerful Intel Celeron N5095 processor, this laptop goes above and beyond what we've come to expect within the entry-level market. 

With its competitive price point and its stellar reviews, it's hard not to fall for the URAO UA-P15. However, today we're going to walk through everything you need to know about this laptop to help you determine if it's going to be the right fit. After all, just because something is a bargain doesn't necessarily mean it's the right option, right? 

Specs Details
Name URAO UA-P15
Processor Intel Celeron N5095 Quad-Core (Up to 2.9 GHz)
Graphics Card Integrated Intel Graphics
Display 15.6” Full HD (1920x1080) IPS
Memory 12GB DDR4
Storage 512GB SSD
Keyboard Full-size keyboard
Connectivity HDMI, 3x USB 3.0, 1 USB Type-C port, TF card slot
Battery Up to 8 hours battery life

Who's the Ideal User for This Laptop?

The URAO UA-P15's design and specifications align well with the needs of a specific user demographic. If you're a student or a professional on a budget, this laptop presents a compelling choice. Its affordability, combined with respectable performance, makes it an ideal companion for tasks such as researching, writing papers, creating presentations, and attending virtual lectures or meetings.

The generous 12GB of RAM ensures smooth multitasking, allowing students to have multiple applications open simultaneously without experiencing noticeable slowdowns. Professionals will appreciate its efficiency for daily office tasks like document editing, email correspondence, and web browsing. The inclusion of a numeric keypad also caters to those who work extensively with numbers, such as accountants and data analysts.

Furthermore, the UA-P15's portability and long-lasting battery life make it a great choice for individuals who are frequently on the move. Business travelers will find it convenient for handling work-related tasks during long flights or while away from the office.

Design, Display, and Keyboard

The URAO UA-P15 may not turn heads with its design, but it boasts a functional and sleek appearance in its gray color scheme and lightweight design (3.26 pounds).

Much like the similarly priced SGIN X15  the URAO laptop features a 15.6-inch IPS display with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. This results in a sharp and vibrant visual experience, perfect for both work and entertainment. Additionally, the 16:9 aspect ratio provides ample vertical screen space, enhancing productivity.

The keyboard on this laptop is well-spaced and includes a numeric keypad, which can be a boon for those who work extensively with numbers. Typing on the UA-P15 is comfortable, thanks to its responsive keys and decent key travel. The touchpad is adequately sized and responsive, providing precise navigation.

However, it can't all be sunshine and rainbows. As you'd expect on an entry-level notebook such as this one the keyboard is not backlit. Something to keep in mind if this is a feature you've been looking forward to.

Performance: Unveiling the Potential

The performance of any laptop is a critical factor, and the URAO UA-P15 laptop doesn't disappoint in this regard. While it's positioned as an entry-level laptop, its internals are designed to offer a surprisingly capable computing experience.

At the heart of this laptop beats the Intel Celeron N5095 Quad-Core Processor, boasting clock speeds that can reach up to 2.9GHz. While it may not belong to the upper echelons of Intel's processor lineup, this CPU is more than capable of handling everyday computing tasks with finesse

From web browsing to document editing and even media consumption, the UA-P15 exhibits smooth responsiveness, ensuring that your daily productivity remains uninterrupted.

One of the standout features here is the substantial 12GB of DDR4 RAM. This generous amount of memory ensures that multitasking is a breeze. You can comfortably run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing significant slowdowns or system lag. Whether you're juggling between several browser tabs, working on complex spreadsheets, or editing documents, the UA-P15's ample RAM keeps everything running smoothly.

Storage is another area where this laptop excels. Equipped with a speedy 512GB SSD, the URAO laptop delivers more than just storage space. It significantly boosts overall system performance, reducing application load times and enhancing file transfer speeds. This means you'll spend less time waiting for your laptop to catch up and more time being productive.

For users with extensive storage needs, the UA-P15 goes the extra mile by supporting TF card expansion up to 512GB. This flexibility allows you to store large files, media libraries, or even entire projects without worrying about running out of space.

In real-world use, this laptop handles everyday tasks admirably. Whether you're streaming high-definition videos, participating in video conferences, or running productivity software, the UA-P15 doesn't break a sweat. 

However, it's important to note that this laptop is not designed for resource-intensive activities like gaming or video editing. For those purposes, you might want to explore higher-end options, such as the Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-702V, or even opt for an M1 MacBook Air, which is currently on sale

In summary, the URAO UA-P15's performance package is surprisingly robust for an entry-level laptop. Its capable processor, ample RAM, and swift SSD make it a reliable companion for day-to-day computing tasks, offering an experience that transcends typical budget laptop limitations. Whether you're a student, professional, or casual user, the UA-P15's performance is more than up to the task of keeping pace with your computing needs.

Graphics Card

The URAO UA-P15 comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics 520. While this graphics solution is not intended for demanding gaming or graphics-intensive tasks, it performs well for casual gaming and video playback. It's suitable for everyday graphics requirements, such as watching high-definition videos and working with multimedia applications.

Connectivity Options and Battery Life

Connectivity is where the URAO Laptop shines. It offers a range of ports, including HDMI, 3 USB Type-A ports, and a USB Type-C port. There's also the aforementioned TF card reader as well as a microphone jack

These ports cover various connectivity needs, from connecting to external displays to transferring files quickly. Note that the Type-C port is primarily for file transfer, so you'll want to use the HDMI port for external displays.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the UA-P15 features 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, ensuring stable and efficient wireless connections. The laptop also comes equipped with a webcam, making it suitable for video conferencing and online meetings. However, unlike the similarly priced ACEMAGIX AX16 which features an HD resolution webcam, URAO's webcam resolution isn't detailed.

One of the standout features of this laptop is its impressive battery life. The 38,000mWh rechargeable battery can last up to 8 hours on a single charge, making it an excellent choice for users who need a portable device for work or travel. You can confidently take it on business trips without worrying about power outages.

In this segment, I always like to play the devil's advocate and assume that advertised battery life and real battery life will differ. A good rule of thumb in this case if you're a power user is to assume that battery life is roughly 25% lower than advertised which still leaves us with a solid 6 hours. 

Alternatives Worth Considering

Before taking the plunge we would also urge you to consider a few alternative notebooks that would also fit your needs.

ACEMAGIX AX16 - Featuring a more powerful processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a 16-inch display with a Full HD resolution, this laptop also delivers while keeping a similar price point.

Jumper Ezbook S5 Max - Possibly one of the most popular rising brands, Jumper has released a very interesting laptop that also includes 4 GB more of RAM (to a total of 16 GB) and uses the same processor, as well as 512 GB of SSD storage - check price.

SGIN X15S - If you don't mind spending just a little bit more, you could also opt for this gem from SGIN. Amongst its most prominent features you have 24 GB of RAM, as well as 1 TB of SSD storage and intel UHD Graphics for better graphic performance. The display is pretty much identical and the brand recognition is also higher in case that was a concern. - check price.


In conclusion, the URAO UA-P15 is a budget-friendly laptop that manages to strike a balance between affordability and performance. It may not be a high-end powerhouse, but it offers a smooth computing experience for everyday tasks. 

The Full HD display, ample RAM, and fast SSD storage are notable highlights. While the integrated graphics are suitable for basic graphics needs, don't expect it to handle heavy gaming or professional graphics work.

The UA-P15's extensive connectivity options and impressive battery life make it a versatile choice for both work and leisure. Whether you're a student, professional, or casual user, this laptop is well-equipped to meet your needs. Considering its reasonable price point and the added benefit of Windows 11, the URAO UA-P15 is certainly worth considering for those in search of an entry-level laptop that checks most of the essential boxes.