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Altavista gets canned, only 7 days left before it goes offline for good

7 days. No, I’m not talking about how long it took for the world to be created according to the Bible. I’m talking about how long you have left to use “Altavista”, a search engine that was once on the top of its game and that now is about to be deleted from the face of the world Internet. Yahoo! made the announcement last week along with a bunch of other services that are going to be cut off by the now rising company.

Altavista” was once a cultural icon and the “go to” search engine for most of us back in the late 90’s. However, Google’s meteoric rise to the top, along with a change in the formatting of the site ended up being the end of “Altavista” in terms of search engine relevance. By 2001 the site that became oh so popular with its babel fish search was already at the bottom of the list in the search engine ranking of that year and by 2002 it could barely hold on to a 4.4% demographic. Who knows how many people it was attracting in it’s final months, but by the Alexa Ranking System, the website is currently the 10.722 most popular website on the web which by my estimates could roughly translate into 50 million monthly visits.

 Altavista is a clear example of a company that could not meet with the times and as such has met its doom after 18 years online. Will you miss Altavista? Can you remember when’s the last time you used it to search for something? If so, leave us a comment. R.I.P. Altavista.