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Why did Google REALLY change the Motorola logo?

Late last week Google unveiled the new Motorola logo.  The new logo is simpler, more colorful, and in essence, more Googlish. As many of you remember, Google bought Motorola back in 2011 for a whopping 12.5 billion dollars. But; why now? Why is Google introducing its new Motorola logo now? Give you a hint? It might be because it’s finally ready to introduce its very own “iPhone killer”.

Way back when, Google calmed its “partners” by saying that the purchase was purely about the huge amount of patents that Motorola had under its belt. However, even then such an explanation raised a lot of eyebrows in the “Android device makers CEO community”. Many feared that Google would give Motorola preferential treatment and they were right to do so. But Google played its cards right, last year the Mountain View company introduced several new gadgets to the market, none of them were built by Motorola, and by the beginning of this year most of us had forgotten about Google's purchase.

However, now, just a few weeks before the Nexus 7’s one year anniversary, Google is introducing its new logo for Motorola, reminding us that, oh yeah, Google’s a hardware company now as well as a software company. The new logo by many accounts could be seen as a sign of things to come a.k.a: the iPhone Killer manufactured by Motorola.

Google already announced that Asus would be in charge of its next Nexus 7, so it only makes sense that the company takes the smartphone manufacturing into its own hands. Perhaps there will be a Nexus smartphone by some other manufacturer but you can pretty much assume that the company WILL be introducing a smartphone by Motorola this summer, and it will be great and quite possibly cheap in comparisson to other top tier smartphones on the market.
Google didn’t rise to the top of the tech food chain by doing things on a whim. Do you really believe the new logo just happened to be unveiled now by sheer fate? It seems pretty  clear that Google wants to set the record straight to EVERYONE (not just tech news followers) that Motorola is a Google company, and that when Motorola introduces a new smartphone (this summer) it’s backed by a company that the entire world knows and, in great measure, trusts. In other words, a sure thing in the sales department.