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Amazon Fire 7" 2015 Tablet 5 Pros and 5 Cons Review

Amazon revolutionized the tablet market back in 2011 when it launched its first Fire tablet. Back then it was impossible to get a decent tablet for under $300. Since then Amazon's "Fire" has lost its punch and right now they don't even head the best sellers list of tablet manufacturers.

However, on a mission to change that, Amazon has launched a new Fire tablet, this time at an all time low price point of just $49. But not everything that shines is made out of gold, that's why today we're going to take an in depth look onto the pros and cons of the new Amazon Fire tablet 2015. Let's have at it!

Amazon Fire 7 inch 2015 tablet Pros and Cons

Amazon Fire 2015 Cons

1. It's not an HD screen. Ok so we pretty much saw this one coming. The Fire tablet has a 7 inch screen but it's resolution doesn't go above the 1024 x 600 pixels. That may've been ok in 2012 but in this day and age an HD screen is a must. We understand why Amazon didn't swing that way (battery and price concerns) but that does not mean it's not one of the Amazon Fire cons.

2. It has ads. Amazon is pretty quick to scream that it has a $49 tablet but it's not so quick to say that the only reason it costs $49 is because it has ads when you're in lock screen mode. If you wish to have a version that doesn't have ads on it then you'll have to fork over another $15 rounding the price of the tablet to just under $65.

3. We don't know who made the processor. We know the Fire tablet has a quad core CPU that runs at 1.3 GHz but what we don't know is who manufactured the CPU. This is quite normal when it comes to Amazon as it typically doesn't display this info regarding any of it's tablets.

4. No Dolby Technology. One of the best things of the Fire HD 6 and the Fire HD 8 is that it incorporates Dolby sound technology. This is something that even the less "sound sensitive people" will notice when using these tablets with headphones. The acoustic experience is considerably better then most of it's competitors in that sense but the new model doesn't have Dolby technology and that in my book is a disadvantage . Again, Amazon had to trim it's prices somehow.

5.  The camera sucks. By now we should all be used to NOT using the cameras on our tablets. However, there's still a few people that actually do use them to grab a quick snap. If that was your intention with the Fire 7 2015 then you shouldn't hold your breath. The rear end camera has a 2 megapixel resolution and the front end camera has a VGA resolution.  Well at least it has both cameras.

Amazon Fire 7" 2015 Tablet Pros

1. An amazing price point. Sure, we might complain about the ads but that doesn't mean that we aren't looking straight at one of the best tablets in the market for this price point. I mean, it's a $49 tablet that has a quad core processor, 1 GB of RAM and wasn't "made in China" so to speak, that alone is hard to come by.

2. Expandable Storage. Finally Amazon has dropped it's ridiculous bar on external storage. For me, that was always one of the biggest cons of the Fire tablet. That said, with 8 GB of internal storage (5 GB free) you can insert a microSD card on the Fire 7 tablet and go all the way to 128 GB. That's progress right there.

3. 7 Hours of battery Life. Sure, we're far away from the 10 hours that Apple brings to the table with it's tablets but we're also paying a fraction of the cost. That said, a 7 hour battery life is quite good and if you consider that you won't find another tablet for under $100 that gives you much more then 5 hours then you can clearly see this as an advantage in our pros and cons list.

4. A million services on your fingertips. Amazon's big "plan" behind this tablet is that you consume content. That content may be movies, books, apps, Amazon's going to get a cut out of every service you consume so it's a win win. And when it comes to services, Amazon does it better then anyone else. You've got access to millions of books, songs, movies, tv shows and so much more by paying a flat rate. What's more, what you buy on one device you can enjoy on several, be that your computer, your TV, your smartphone. If you want to be locked into one of the most complete ecosystems then the $49 Amazon tablet is deffinetly what you've been looking for.

5. Parental control. While for many people the Fire tablet might be their first tablet experience, for others it's a way to buy an affordable tablet for their kids. And what do parents want when they give such a powerful device to a kid? Some control. 

That's why with Amazon's parental controls in place you'll be able to set how much time your child will use the tablet, what sections he will and won't be able to access and of course you can stop him from purchasing any app on the app store without your express authorization.

Wrapping it up: Should I Buy it?

Finally it's time to wrap up our list of pros and cons of the Fire 7 2015 tablet. All in all, we can see that we're in front of a pretty good deal. Sure, the tablet might present it's shortcomings but at a price point under $50 we wouldn't expect any less. 

When it comes down to it, the Fire 7 2015 is just about the best tablet you can buy for under $100. You've got your quad core processor, your 1 GB of RAM, your expandable storage and your comfortable screen, not to mention the parental control options. Wether you want to buy this tablet to surf the web and watch movies or simply get an affordable tablet for your kids to play with, the Fire Tablet will hardly dissapoint.

That said, this tablet is selling like hot cakes so if you would like to buy it you should probably do so now since the moment it became available the stock ran out and it's more then likely to happen again when the company has more units in stock. You check for availability of the Fire 7 Tablet here.