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Top 5 "Anti Apple" Samsung Ads over the years

Samsung has had a lot of fun with Apple over the years. Especially in recent years where the company laughed at the fact that the iPhones had a unibody design (later following the same footsteps) and of course it had a field day once it managed to keep selling their galaxy tabs spite Apple's suit. See: iPhone prices drop with the launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

With that in mind and with the recent launch of the iPhone 6s still fresh in our minds. Today we wanted to recap the top 5 anti-apple ads that Samsung has launched. Which is your favorite? 

1) The tablet Apple couldn't stop. This ad came out way back in 2010 when Apple tried to stop Samsung from selling their Galaxy Tab because it was to similar to the iPad.

Now Samsung's on it's 4th generation Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 available for roughly $260 is one of the top selling tablets in the world.

2) The Next Big thing is here. This is one of a series of ads that Samsung launched to mock the impending launch of the iPhone 4s in 2011. The ad makes ridicule of the fanboy culture surrounding Apple while at the same time showing the virtues of the Galaxy S2. 

Currently the Galaxy S family is Samsung's most successful line of smartphones with the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 leading the pack. 

3) "It doesn't take a genius" Printed media comes once again in the third position with "it doesn't take a genius" a full page ad that Samsung launched when it introduced the world to the Galaxy S3 and compared it head to head with the iPhone 5.

Obviously the ad is designed to make the iPhone 5 look really bad in comparison. That said, the Galaxy S3 did pretty well for itself and even today many people are buying it at an affordable price as a strong mid level smartphone. 

4) Grad Pool Party. This is one of the most shameless self advertising pieces of all and yet one of the most effective ones. In this ad we're shown all the virtues that the Galaxy S4 has over the iPhone. 

Obviously Samsung never explicitly states that the phone they're talking down to is an iPhone but it's shown pretty clearly. Again, many people still buy the Galaxy S4 even today where you can get it for as low as $280 without a contract.


5) "Wall Huggers" Finally, in the fifth place comes one of my very favorite ads. In this one Samsung mocks the need of iPhone users to be close to a power outlet because they can't interchange their battery.

Obviously, this ad was launched to promote the Galaxy S5 (see current price here) since in the Galaxy S6 Samsung opted to go in the same direction as Apple and made the body of the smartphone a unibody design, removing one of the biggest pros the Galaxy S line had going for it.


So, which one's your favorite? Do you have an anti apple ad that you liked more that we didn't include? If so, don't be afraid to let us know in the comments!