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[Review] Asus P2520LA-XH71 Windows 7 is ALIVE!!!

Though we always have new versions of several products in the tech category, from hardware to software, there’s also usually a number of users who prefer previous versions of any product for specific reason. This often applies to Windows, which was updated a year ago to its latest version, Windows 10.

This time around we have the review of the Asus P2520LA-XH71, a laptop that offers an option for those who want modern, capable hardware but don’t necessarily want a newer version of the popular OS. The best part? You can actually choose which OS to use. All in all, a very attractive and affordable alternative to the Windows 10 models running around.

Pros: powerful Intel Core i7-5500U processor, excellent battery life, speedy mechanical hard drive, afforable pricing.
Cons: screen could have higher resolution, the keyboard is not backlit

Asus P2520LA-XH71 In depth review through the Pros and Cons

Made for business

The Asus P2520LA-XH71 is a business-oriented machine with a 15.6 display, perfect size for those who want desktop use but still want to attain some portability. It weighs 5.2 pounds, and the screen has a 1366x768 resolution that will serve its purpose best thanks to its matte finish, which will keep reflections at bay.

The design is pretty straight-forward, and it goes according to that business space it wants to occupy. It features an all-black body with a number of ports on the sides (more on that later) and a full numeric keypad that, coupled with the pre-installed Windows 7 Professional edition, will make it very comfortable in a work environment, without a doubt.

The best part? You can chose if you want to upgrade or not, so Windows 10 is still an option.

Power and multitasking

Even though office-like work don’t require too much power, the Asus P2520LA-XH71 doesn’t hold back a bit. That’s because it comes with an Intel Core i7-5500U processor. This a powerful low-voltage chip with two cores clocked at 2.4 GHz (up to 3.0 GHz). That basically means you’ll be able to throw even the most demanding applications, so don’t worry.

We can’t finish the review of the Asus P2520LA-XH71 without mentioning RAM, of course. Asus chose 8 GB of DDR3L SDRAM with this one. This is the modern standard that will allow you to not worry about running several programs simultaneously. It won’t be a problem.

No dedicated graphics, but light gaming is ok

When there’s no help from a dedicated graphics card here, we are left with the integrated option. In this case it’s the Intel HD Graphics 5500. The story goes as usual:t you should be able to run some modern games on low settings.

Classic titles, less-demanding 2D games (usually indies) and even some new hits with low requirements will perform much better. We’re talking about games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Undertale or Minecraft, for example. Si in short, light gaming is what you can do.

Battery life

Asus includes a 4-Cell battery with the P2520LA-XH71that that the company claims will get you up to 9 hours . This an incredible result that shouldn’t be this high on a laptop this size with an i7 processor, so it’s easily one of the best things about the machine. You can basically call this all-day battery life.

Lots of USB ports and speedy mechanical HDD

The first to note about connectivity is that the Asus P2520LA-XH71 comes with not three, but a whooping four USB ports available. Three of those are 3.0, one is 2.0. There’s also VGA and HDMI ports for external displays, as well as an Ethernet port for wired internet connection.

The audio combo jack and microSD card readers are a given, but the optical drive is a dying breed, and seeing it here is certainly nice for those still attached to their CDs and DVDs.

The storage is a nice surprise. It’s a 500 GB mechanical hard drive, but the good part is its speed, 7200 RPM. This is a choice more vendors should do, since most mechanical hard drives are usually slower, so it’s nice for Asus to strike the perfect middle point.

Final words

At the end, after the review of the Asus P2520LA-XH71, we realize that yes, this is a business-focused machine. The Core i7 processor is the best possible option, and you’ll be able to do anything you want for how long you want thanks to the amazing battery life.

Those looking for a powerful, cable 15 inch machine to do work, this is a great option. The battery life is without a doubt one of the best things, but the overall performance and the number of ports available coupled with an optical drive also make this a fine multimedia machine, add to that a competitive price point and you've got yourself a winner on every front.