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[Review] HP ENVY x360 M6-ar004dx the convertible champion

Depending on who you ask, this might be one of the best times to buy a new computer. We would be inclined to agree: there are just too many cool things going around at the moment like powerful processor, insane graphics, the new and better Windows 10 and of course, crazy models like convertibles.

This is the review of the HP ENVY x360 M6-ar004dx, a medium-sized model that also offers a thin and clean design. It’s a high-range convertible with great specs for anyone looking for a serious machine. Keep reading to find out what it is all about.

Pros: 1080p display, powerful AMD processor, backlit keyboard, fast mechanical hard drive, compelling price.
Cons: 8 GB RAM is good but not amazing, no dedicated graphics

 HP ENVY x360 M6-ar004dx, a true convertible

Discreet and Full HD

Aesthetically, this one won’t particularly stand out thanks to its black finish, and we actually kinda like that. The thin design is also pretty clear, and the laptop looks very discreet and attractive as a result. It has a full-sized backlit keyboard that includes a numerical pad. The whole package comes at a 4.79 lb weight.

That big keyboard is there thanks to the laptop’s size: it has a 15.6 inch screen, which translates to a medium sized machine that is desktop friendly and also ideal for multimedia consumption, especially on those convertible positions. That screen itself is what we want everywhere: a full-fledged 1080p touchscreen with IPS technology for perfect viewing angles. So, basically, one of the best configurations you can get on a laptop display.

The newest from AMD

In this review of the HP ENVY x360 M6-ar004dx we find ourselves with the newest AMD FX 9800P, a quad-core processor clocked at 2.7 GHz (up to 3.6 GHz) from AMD’s latest 7th generation. This one is a very recent and powerful chip that rivals Intel’s own Core i7 and even surpasses it on some regards.

Simple tasks like web browsing, office work and multimedia playback will go without a hitch, but you’ll also be able to handle complex applications for activities like editing, design, and more. There’s also 8 GB of DDR4-2133Mhz SDRAM included, the average spec that will get you multitasking without a problem.

No dedicated graphics, but still gaming capable

This time around we don’t have a dedicated graphics card available, but the integrated unit that comes with the CPU: the Radeon R7 Graphics. As such, you won’t find amazing gaming performance here, but you should be able to run most modern games on low settings.

Less heavy titles like The Sims 4 and FIFA 16 should run smoothly, however, and both older classics and simple indie games will play without a hitch. So in short, this is a laptop that’s gaming capable, but not gaming focused.

A battery champ

HP includes a 4-cell, 55.67 Wh Li-ion battery, and it also claims that it’ll last up to 8 hours and 30 minutes on it. Expecting a bit less is always a healthy, but that’s still a very high number. As always, though, battery life will wildly vary depending on what you’re doing; but this one seems like a champ.

USB Type-C and fast storage make things better

Battery life is not the only aspect in which the ENVY x360 M6-ar004dx excels. Connectivity is a wonder. First, there are two USB 3.0 ports coupled with a secret weapon, an additional USB Type-C port (also 3.0). There’s also an SD card reader, the usual audio/mic jack and the ever helpful HDMI port for external displays.

Finally, on the storage corner we find ourselves with a 1 TB mechanical hard drive with a 7200 RPM speed. This a very refreshing and smart decision, since the high speeds will get you a nice performance out of it. You won’t get SSD speeds, but you wouldn’t get so much storage with an SSD on the other hand.

Final words

After the review of the HP ENVY x360 M6-ar004dx, we are left with a machine that pleases us a lot. The Full HD, IPS touchscreen and the powerful AMD processor coupled with fast storage and great battery life are just too many things to pass on this.

As if it were little, there’s also the convertible part. That’s great and all, but the best part is that this is a great laptop, period. HP has landed a compelling high machine with this one, proving that convertibles are not just a gimmick. You shouldn’t think too much if this one is on your radar.