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[Review] Toshiba TF-43A810U21: The Definition of a Bargain

Toshiba TF-43A810U21: review
  • 43-inch 4K display
  • Voice control via Alexa
  • Fire TV operating system
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Not compatible with AirPlay 2
  • It has only one USB input
The smartTV market has so many options available to today's consumer that choosing the ideal Smart TV for home entertainment is far from an easy task. 

Fortunately, the mid-range models from manufacturer Toshiba offer us the multimedia features we need at prices that are more than reasonable. 

Such is the case of this low-cost 4K Smart TV that we will get to know in-depth today in this review of the Toshiba TF-43A810U21, a smartTV whose high customer satisfaction has become one of its most compelling calling cards. 

Amongst its virtues, this model boasts an easy setup, crisp and colorful picture quality, even with natively non-4K content, and a variety of pre-installed streaming platforms, including Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Who's it for?

The Toshiba TF-43A810U21 is the most suitable Smart TV for you, if you are looking to enjoy the latest series, movies and programming, through the most popular streaming platforms and with a resolution 4 times higher than the Full HD standard. 

And thanks to the native integration of the voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, you can access such content quickly and interact with your TV just by issuing simple voice commands. Nifty, huh?

Technical specifications

Make modelToshiba TF-43A810U21
Dimensions without stand96.77 x 60.70 x 8.89 cm
Weight without stand8.3 kg
PanelLED (43 inch)
Resolution4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Refresh rate60 Hz
HDR supportYes (HDR, Dolby Vision and HDR10)
Operating systemFire tv
Sound power2 x 10W (DTS Studio Sound)
VESA supportYes (200 x 300 mm)
Voice controlYes (Alexa)
ConnectivityBluetooth | Wi-Fi 
AV | HDMI (x3) | ARC 
Optical audio output (S / PDIF) 
Headphone output 
Antenna input (RF) 
Digital tuner (DVB-T2 / C / S2)

Keeping the same successful aesthetic formula

Toshiba TF-43A810U21: 43 '' Smart TV with Fire TV, Dolby Vision and DTS Studio Sound

An assembly that will take you a few minutes

The aesthetic section of this television does not reinvent the wheel in any aspect, as it is defined by the typical construction with a matte black finish, whose main attraction is found in the thinness of the frames that surround the panel. 

Its support is made up of two legs located at an adequate distance to keep it stable, when placing it on horizontal surfaces of all kinds. In addition, this model is compatible with VESA brackets in case you wished to mount it on the wall.

A visual experience that impresses from day one

Playing high definition content is made possible by implementing a splendid 4K display of 43 inches, equipped with a fluid refresh rate of 60 Hz and native HDR support to enhance the color fidelity of your series, movies, and games. 

Overall, a very nice display that allows for a good viewing experience with great viewing angles and a color range that is nor too saturated nor too bland with nice contrast and a sharp image that clearly benefits from the higher 4K resolution.

Simplifying access to your favorite platforms

Fire TV: Great alternative to conventional solutions

Unlike other low-cost Smart TVs, this model bets on Amazon's operating system, Fire TVwell received by its buyers for having an interface with easy and quick access to the most popular multimedia content. 

In addition, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, and Hulu applications are all bundled into this tv set, so you can enjoy a wide universe of shows, movies, and all kinds of content from day one. What's more, thanks to the integration of the Alexa virtual assistant you can give your television all sorts of commands to make for a fluid and seamless interaction.

A sound below average

Sound on the Toshiba TF-43A810U21 is delivered by two 10W stereo speakers, which provide a sound experience that, from the outset, might not satisfy the needs of the most demanding, unless they connect an external bar with better sound performance. That said, this is pretty standard within TVs in this price range so we're not exactly surprised by Toshiba. 

A connectivity suite that could improve

What terrestrial and wireless options does it incorporate?

The connectivity of the Toshiba TF-43A810U21 incorporates Bluetooth technology to couple compatible devices, Wi-Fi and RJ-45 solutions to connect to the internet, 3 HDMI video outputs with ARC and a conventional AV type. 

It also has a single USB input, separate headphone, and optical audio connectors, an RF input for antennas, and a DTT tuner (DVB-T2 / C / S2).

Wrapping up

After delving into its most outstanding sections, this Toshiba Smart TV does nothing but give very good impressions, starting with how easy its installation and initial configuration is compared to other low-cost models on the market. 

Its operating system benefits from a fluid interface, while the image quality is sharper and more colorful than we might expect from a TV at this price. At the connectivity level, it has the solutions strictly necessary to enable the connection of our multimedia entertainment devices but what it lacks in connectivity it gains in overall quality and price. In a nutshell; a bargain.

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