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[Review] Toshiba TF-43A810U21: The Definition of a Bargain

Toshiba TF-43A810U21: review
  • 43-inch 4K display
  • Voice control via Alexa
  • Fire TV operating system
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Not compatible with AirPlay 2
  • It has only one USB input
The smartTV market has so many options available to today's consumer that choosing the ideal Smart TV for home entertainment is far from an easy task. 

Fortunately, the mid-range models from manufacturer Toshiba offer us the multimedia features we need at prices that are more than reasonable. 

Such is the case of this low-cost 4K Smart TV that we will get to know in-depth today in this review of the Toshiba TF-43A810U21, a smartTV whose high customer satisfaction has become one of its most compelling calling cards. 

Amongst its virtues, this model boasts an easy setup, crisp and colorful picture quality, even with natively non-4K content, and a variety of pre-installed streaming platforms, including Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video.