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[Tutorial] Asus TUF FX505DT RAM Upgrade in 7 Easy Steps

When you buy a gaming laptop you want to make sure it can handle a big workload. However, sometimes in order to sell a more affordable gaming laptop, the manufacturer will opt to limit the RAM and allow the user to upgrade manually if they wish to make the most out of the laptop. 

Such is the case with the Asus TUF 505DT, a laptop that shipped with a rather modest 8 GB of RAM but that can handle up to 32 GB of RAM. Today we're going to take you through the process of upgrading the RAM on the Asus TUF 505DT so that in a matter of minutes you can have the laptop up and running to the best of its potential. Shall we?

Upgrading the RAM on the Asus TUF 505DT

Which RAM is compatible? How much RAM can I upgrade to?

First off, we want to make sure we get the right RAM. In this particular case, this laptop takes DDR4 PC4-19200 2666mHZ Non-ECC SODIMM memory.  That means it's DDR4 type RAM clocking at 2666 MHz. It's pretty important to either get a memory module that uses this speed or one that goes up to 3200 MHz and have the system automatically work at 2666 MHz for you.

As far as upgrades go, you can upgrade to a maximum of 32 GB of RAM. That should be enough for most serious gamers out there. However, you can also opt to upgrade to 16 GB if you feel like this is enough though optimal performance will always be at 32 GB.

How much RAM should I get?

It's very much recommended that you purchase two identical RAMs, this is due to the fact that RAM changes throughout the years, and if you buy two identical RAM sticks you can be completely certain that the specs are the same as far as clock-speed, voltage, cas, and other stuff and therefore your RAM is working on dual-channel which makes RAM work much faster. 

On the flip side, if you get different RAMs you might end up having a laptop that while it features more RAM overall, doesn't perform much better because it's not dual-channel. 

As we said before, the best-case scenario is going all the way to 32 GB with two compatible 16 GB modules. If you're not much of a multitasker then you could probably get by with a couple of 8 GB modules of RAM for a total of 16 GB of RAM. 

How Do I Upgrade the Memory?

Upgrading the RAM on the Asus TUF FX505DT is a relatively simple procedure, we should have you in and out in less than 5 minutes. First off you're going to need a screwdriver and a plastic piece that you can use to remove the back casing delicately. 

Step 1: First off you want to turn your laptop off. You should not be upgrading your memory with the laptop on. Then turn it upside down and grab your screwdriver. There are 11 screws on the back of this notebook, 6 long ones, and 5 short ones. Remember the location of each so that you make sure to place them correctly when you're done with the upgrade.

Step 2: Once you've removed the screws you want to use the plastic pinch or plastic knife we mentioned before and slowly and gently apply pressure to remove the back cover. This should be done gently as there are a few locks located in the interior of the laptop that it would be preferable that you don't break (though nothing would actually happen if you do break them).

Step 3: Locate the RAM slots which, as you can see, are located directly above the battery. One of them features the onboard RAM and the other slot is empty. If you're opting to replace the onboard module for optimal performance you're going to go ahead and push the clasps on the side of the memory slot outwards to release the RAM at a 45-degree angle. Once that's done simply pull the RAM out.

Step 4: Now that you've got both slots free you're going to go ahead and place the RAM you bought at a 45-degree angle within the slots. This should be done in a way that both the notch on the RAM module and the notch within the RAM slot align so that you can make sure you're placing the RAM properly. 

Step 5: Now that both RAM slots have been filled up you should press firmly until you hear a click which is the sound of the clasps closing the slots.

Step 6: Screw your back cover back on. Remember that you've took note of where the long screws and short screws went.

Step 7: Turn your TUF 505DT back on and you'll see in "Device configuration" a line that reads "Installed RAM" where you should be able to see the RAM you've installed.