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[Review] LG 65UN7300PUF: The SmartTV for 99% of us

LG 65UN7300PUF: review
  • 4K UHD 65-inch screen
  • WebOS software with voice control
  • Integrated voice assistants
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi 5 + BT 5.0 + HDMI
  • Sound quality can be improved
Not everyone needs a state of the art TV set with the latest - and most expensive - tech. Some people will simply look for a big-screen TV that has a solid picture quality, up to date screen resolution (AKA 4k), and the benefits of a smartTV ecosystem. 

For such an audience LG has carved a name for themselves with its very successful UN7300 lineup which features TV's that range from 43 to 65-inches and offer some very interesting specs, a good image quality, ample connectivity, and an extremely competitive price that easily rivals its more expensive QLED or OLED competitors. 

Today we're here to take a look at the biggest model within this series, the LG 65UN7300PUF, and figure out if its excellent online rep is warranted and if you should buy this affordable smart TV or if you'd be better served looking elsewhere. 


For whom is it?

The LG 65UN7300PUF is intended for all those users who are looking for a 65-inch TV equipped with  smart functions such as voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant. 

In addition, its 4K resolution60 Hz refresh rate, and native HDR support allow you to enjoy your content with solid definition, color, contrast, and a low input lag that's suitable for casual gamers.

On the other hand, if you're looking to get the best possible picture and want a TV that's very much focused at the hardcore gamer then you should definitely consider the recently reviewed TCL 65R635, it's a bit more expensive but customers truly love it as you get a mini LED QLED television with Dolby Vision technology and THX certification that's great for gaming without losing out on a single frame, though it's really going to come down to your available budget and your intentions with the TV set. 

Technical specifications

ModelLG 65UN7300PUF
Dimensions57.6 x 10 x 35.8 inches
Weight47 pounds
DisplayLED (65-inch)
Resolution4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Refresh rate60 Hz
HDR SupportYes ( HDR 10 Pro and HLG)
Sound2 x 10W (Ultra Surround)
VESA supportSí (300 x 300 mm)
Voice controlYes (LG Magic Remote)
ConnectivityAlexa | Google Assistant
AirPlay 2 | HomeKit | Bluetooth 5.0 | Wi-Fi 5
AV | HDMI (x3) | ARC | CEC
USB 2.0 (x2)
Optical Audio Output (S/PDIF)
RF connector
Digital sintonizer (ATSC, Clear QAM)

A slick yet compelling design 

LG 65UN7300PUF: 65 '' 4K Smart TV with AirPlay 2, webOS, Wi-Fi and Ultra Surround Sound

Taking note of current trends, this LG Smart TV takes on a rather minimalistic design that offers reduced bezels on the top and on the sides with a slightly thicker bezel on the bottom where the logo rests front and center. It's not the thinnest of flat-screen televisions as it features a curved posterior that does take up some space. 

By the way, in the event you want to manipulate the TV with your hands, old-school-style then you should know this model features a single button located right below the company logo in the lower bezel. 

As far as the setup, it will take you just a few minutes, whether you choose to place it on a piece of furniture -with its respective legs included- or anchor it on the wall using a VESA- type support of 300 x 300 mm , sold separately. For this particular model, being a 65-inch TV we'd be inclined to suggest this particular mount as it's garnered excellent reviews.

Moving onto the display itself, we've got a 65-inch diagonal LED screen with a 4K resolution that offers content upscaling - taking non 4K content and upscaling it to 4K resolution - as well as native 4K reproduction.

 Either way, the picture quality is pretty good, with sharp images, vibrant colors, and a nice deep black, though far from the "inky blacks" you'd get on an OLED display or even on the aforementioned TCL mini LED QLED TV.  We also appreciate the fact that this TV comes with HDR10 with really delivers a bit more detail to the picture

Moving on, in an effort to offer us something similar to the Dolby Vision standard that's not supported on this TV set, LG has managed to surprise us with the Filmmaker mode, a mode that shows us the content the way it was conceived by the creator, it's an interesting experiment that will definitely be noticed by more than one user but again, far from the Dolby Vision standard. 

On the other hand, gaming will benefit not only from a good level of detail and color fidelity, but also from the fluidity that is needed to successfully overcome each game, as this TV packs an interesting 60 Hz refresh rate and even offers up an extremely low latency mode that's ideal for gaming. 

Access a large catalog of apps in simple steps

webOS: Your portal to a world of entertainment

If there's something customers have loved about this model that's the WebOS interface and performance that's part of every LG smart TV, most notably the recent updates to the OS that make it even easier to use. 

The control of this platform is carried out by the remote control; the legendary LG Magic Remote, already known by the most loyal users of the brand for the ergonomics of its design and outstanding features such as the universal remote feature - forget about fussing with 10 different remotes or the fact that it becomes a pointer, as well as its quick access buttons to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Not to mention the microphone that allows you to interact with your TV through voice commands.

About webOS, we also like the fact that most streaming services are included within the OS, that includes Netflix, Prime Video, Peacock, Hulu, Disney, and even Airplay 2 with the LG 65UN7300PUF being homekit enabled so that you may control it through your iOS device (it also supports Google Assistant and Alexa so don't fret if you don't use Apple devices). 

Overall, it's an incredibly complete OS that's definitely one of our favorites when it comes to smart TV operating systems. 

Let's talk about sound

The LG 65UN7300PUF has a pair of stereo speakers, whose combined power of 20W (RMS) can cover your entertainment needs for most use cases. Sound quality is within what you'd expect for a flat screen, so we would still recommend you get yourself a soundbar - you can get some nice ones under 100 bucks -  to really bring the sound to life.

What's more,  unlike many of its direct competitors, this model features Bluetooth support, allowing us to connect up to two different speakers to truly create a surround sound experience. If that's what you're looking for then we'd also recommend you look at the Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth speakers with TWS sound, sound quality is truly immersive for the price with a deep base and a very texturized sound overall. 

Connectivity features

For connectivity, we find solutions as useful as the aforementioned AirPlay 2 and HomeKit protocols, which act as bridges between your Apple devices and your TV to facilitate the transmission of content and control of compatible home devices. 

It also packs a Wi-Fi 5 connectivity,  an RJ-45 network port, 3 HDMI video outputs (x3) with one ARC and CEC support, a conventional AV type, an optical audio jack, 2 USB inputs 2.0, an RF connector, and ATSC and Clear QAM tuners.

Verdict: Should you buy it?

Wrapping up this review of the LG 65UN7300PUF it's quite clear that this isn't the most expensive high-end state of the art TV set but it is the one that most Americans will end up buying. 

Ultimately, we're talking about a TV that offers great value for its price with a nice 4K resolution, good picture quality that's backed up by LG's history of developing impressive displays, and as a bonus, we get both a dedicated Filmmaker mode that strives to offer us an image closer to the one that was intended by the creator and Airplay 2 support to be able to stream content directly from our Apple devices and control it through Siri thanks to its Homekit integration.

Add to that Bluetooth support for a wireless audio connection, the impeccable performance of WebOS, and an affordable price and you've got yourself a winner on all fronts that will undoubtedly keep its title as one of Amazon's best-selling TV's for the rest of the year.