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Is It Worth It? Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH Review

In the ever-evolving world of budget laptops, Acer has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing a reliable and affordable option with the release of the Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH. Designed with practicality in mind, this laptop features a slim, lightweight design that makes it easy to take on the go.

Powered by an AMD Ryzen 3 7320U quad-core processor and AMD Radeon graphics, the Aspire 3 delivers solid performance for your daily tasks and multitasking needs. The 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display with narrow bezels ensures a visually pleasing experience with crisp, vibrant colors. Whilst 8 GB LPDDR5 storage and 128 GB NVMe SSD provide plenty of storage and memory for your files and applications.

Today, we'll head over to discover all there is to know about Acer's recent entry into the budget laptop market. Let us help you decide if this is the right laptop for you or if you should look for another laptop. Let's continue this review.

Who is this laptop for?

The Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH is designed for users looking for an affordable laptop that can handle everyday computing tasks with ease. This is great for students, professionals, and casual users who primarily use the laptop for web browsing, document editing, multimedia usage, and light multitasking. 

With its reliable performance, lightweight design, and affordable price, this laptop is a good choice for those on a tight budget or those who don't need a lot of processing power for tasks like gaming or graphic design. 

Who should skip this laptop?

The A315-24P-R7VH is an affordable notebook for everyday use, but it may not be the best solution for certain user groups. This laptop may not be suitable for gamers or anyone who needs high-performance computing for demanding tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering, or gaming in graphics-intensive titles.

Additionally, if you value long battery life or high portability, this laptop may not suit your needs as it focuses on affordability and basic features. For those users looking for a powerhouse, we would recommend a laptop such as the Asus ROG Strix G16 G614JV-AS73 or the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha.

Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH Laptop Review

Design, Display, and Keyboard

The Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH features a design that's typical among budget laptops, with an emphasis on practicality and affordability. It doesn't have the sleek luxury of a high-end notebook, but it maintains a clean, simple look that blends in well with any environment. It's also fairly light, weighing just 3.92 pounds, making it easy to take it with you.

When it comes down to the display, we've got a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display. The display offers sharp details and good color reproduction. It's not a high-end display but for a budget laptop, it's slightly ahead of the curve which is much appreciated. 

A notable feature of this laptop is Acer's BlueLightShield technology, which is said to reduce eye strain and fatigue by minimizing blue light emission. This is especially beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in front of their laptop, making the Aspire 3 an excellent choice for maintaining eye comfort during extended use. 

As for the keyboard, the Aspire 3 offers a comfortable and responsive typing experience. A full-size keyboard allows for precise keystrokes and allows you to register commands with precision. It takes a bit of getting used to at first - as some users have pointed out - but after a few days you'll already be used to the keyboard. There's also no backlight, which is not uncommon within its price range.


When it comes to performance, the Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH does a respectable job considering its budget-friendly nature. Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 3 7320U Quad-Core Processor and 8GB LPDDR5 onboard memory, it delivers sufficient power to handle everyday computing tasks with relative ease. Whether you're browsing the web, working on documents, or streaming your favorite shows, this laptop won't leave you waiting in frustration.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: gaming. While the Aspire 3 may not have the horsepower to satisfy the most ardent gamers out there, it's not trying to. This laptop isn't here to conquer the world of AAA titles or render lifelike graphics with unrivaled precision. Instead, it caters to those seeking a reliable companion for their day-to-day activities without burning a hole in their pockets.

It's important to manage expectations. The Aspire 3's AMD Radeon Graphics may handle light gaming and older titles with modest settings, but don't expect it to work miracles. This laptop isn't aiming for the gaming throne; it's content being a reliable workhorse for productivity and entertainment.

In terms of storage, the 128GB NVMe solid-state drive (SSD) offers speedy access to your files and applications. While it may not be spacious enough to house a massive media library, it provides ample room for essential files and programs. 

So, to sum it up: the Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH won't break any performance records, but it wasn't designed to. Its purpose is to deliver reliable performance at an affordable price point, making it an ideal choice for students, professionals, and casual users who prioritize functionality over frills. If you're seeking a workhorse that can handle your day-to-day tasks without draining your bank account, the Aspire 3 has your back.

It should also be noted that you can not upgrade neither the RAM nor the storage on this laptop.

Battery Life

Ah, the ever-elusive realm of battery life, where promises and realities often collide. Now, let's talk about the Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH's endurance in this department. Brace yourself, for it's a mixed bag.

On a single charge, this laptop offers a battery life ranging from 5 to 7 hours, depending on usage patterns and settings. Now, before you break out the confetti and start planning your mobile productivity marathon, let's put things in perspective. While 5 to 7 hours may seem reasonable for a budget laptop, it won't earn you any accolades in the marathon of endurance.

Sure, you can draft a few emails, binge-watch a couple of episodes of your favorite series, or tinker around with spreadsheets without constantly worrying about your battery dying on you. But venture into the realm of intense multitasking or power-hungry applications, and you'll find yourself reaching for that power cord sooner rather than later.

There's also no quick charge technology and the charging does not take place on the USB Type-C port so you'll need to carry the charger with you if you're planning on going past the 5-hour mark just to be safe.

Connectivity Options

Ah, connectivity, the lifeline of our digital existence. Let's delve into the realm of connectivity options and the webcam prowess of the Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH. Brace yourselves, dear readers, for this budget-friendly laptop holds some surprises.

When it comes to connectivity, the Aspire 3 doesn't disappoint. It's equipped with a decent array of ports to accommodate your various devices and peripherals. 

With a USB Type-C port, a couple of trusty USB Type-A ports, an HDMI port, and an audio jack, you have the means to connect your external storage drives, gaming controllers, and other essential gadgets. Need to expand your digital real estate? Simply hook up an external display or monitor via the HDMI output and bask in the glory of multi-monitor setups. It's a budget laptop with connectivity manners, ensuring you're not left stranded in the digital wilderness.

Now, let's turn our attention to the webcam, that tiny peephole into the virtual world of video conferencing and online meetings. The Aspire 3 boasts an HD front-facing camera that captures your finest facial expressions, even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. How, you ask? Well, Acer has graced us with their TNR (Temporal Noise Reduction) technology, which works its magic to deliver a respectable image quality, even when the lighting gods aren't on your side. Again, image quality in this case is decent but nothing to write home about. 

The laptop is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology, which represents the latest advancement in wireless connectivity. With Wi-Fi 6, you can enjoy faster speeds, improved capacity, and reduced latency compared to previous Wi-Fi standards. 

However, it's important to note that in order to fully harness the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6, you'll need a compatible router that supports this technology. So, if you already have a Wi-Fi 6 router or plan to upgrade to one in the future, the Acer Aspire 3 is ready to take advantage of the faster speeds and improved performance it offers.

What are customers saying?

Based on customer reviews, the Acer Aspire 3 has garnered a mixed bag of feedback. While some users have hailed its performance and appreciated its featherweight design, others have expressed reservations about certain aspects. Let's dive into the details.

On the positive side, several users have lauded the laptop's commendable performance, finding it more than capable of handling routine tasks and offering a satisfactory browsing experience. Its portability factor has also been well-received, with users valuing its lightweight nature, making it a suitable companion for those frequently on the move. 

The display quality has been generally praised, providing users with a visually pleasing experience. Furthermore, the keyboard and trackpad have received a nod of approval, although some believe there is room for improvement.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. A particular pain point for some users has been the subpar built-in speakers. Sadly, the audio output fails to live up to expectations when it comes to enjoying multimedia content. As a result, users have been advised to resort to external speakers for an enhanced audio experience. 

Another area of concern lies in the laptop's construction, as it is predominantly made of plastic, necessitating careful handling due to its delicate nature. Moreover, the webcam has been deemed adequate for basic usage but falls short in terms of professional requirements. Lastly, users have pointed out the limited storage capacity, which might necessitate an upgrade for those with substantial data storage needs.

To summarize, the customer reviews point to this laptop serving as a viable budget-friendly option for individuals engaged in light tasks, internet browsing, and school-related work. It delivers satisfactory performance and offers the advantage of portability, accompanied by a visually pleasing display. 


Wrapping it up; Is it worth my money?

The Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH is a budget-friendly laptop that delivers reliable performance and essential features for everyday use. Its lightweight and purposeful design make it easy to carry, while the 15.6" Full HD IPS display provides satisfactory visuals for your computing needs. 

With the AMD Ryzen 3 processor, AMD Radeon Graphics, and ample memory and storage, it's suitable for casual users, students, and individuals on a budget who require a dependable laptop for web browsing, productivity tasks, and multimedia consumption.

While it may not offer the most impressive battery life or high-end specifications, the Acer Aspire 3 A315-24P-R7VH reviewed today fulfills its purpose as an affordable and practical option. With Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, Acer BlueLightShield technology, and a decent webcam with AI Noise Reduction, it covers the basics and provides a reliable user experience.