Newly found security breach would affect 99% of Android devices

A new security breach has been uncovered by bluebox researchers. According to the research the new breach would affect 99% of Android phones and tablets. Specifically, the trojan discovered by the company would be able to infect any Android device from Android 1.6 and up.

Apple introduces new student discounts, iPhone now included.

Apple announced yesterday its new student discounts for the summer, a now traditional Apple discount period. However, on this new edition, the company has chosen to mix things up a bit and introduced a new gadget into the mix, the iPhone.

How Jawbone UP actually discourages you from exercising

Jawbone Up has been getting a lot of positive reviews since its launch, and truth is it's quite an awesome gadget if you are prone to exercise and like to keep track of your healthy habits. With its app you can check out how many miles you ran, how many calories you burned, how many hours you slept etc. In essence it's a cool gadget to have if, as I stated before, you are a person that is already prone to exercising. However, if you plan on getting a jawbone up bracelet to start exercising I strongly suggest you don't. ¿Reason? The app itself will frustrate you.

Why did Google REALLY change the Motorola logo?

Late last week Google unveiled the new Motorola logo.  The new logo is simpler, more colorful, and in essence, more Googlish. As many of you remember, Google bought Motorola back in 2011 for a whopping 12.5 billion dollars. But; why now? Why is Google introducing its new Motorola logo now? Give you a hint? It might be because it’s finally ready to introduce its very own “iPhone killer”.

Altavista gets canned, only 7 days left before it goes offline for good

7 days. No, I’m not talking about how long it took for the world to be created according to the Bible. I’m talking about how long you have left to use “Altavista”, a search engine that was once on the top of its game and that now is about to be deleted from the face of the world Internet. Yahoo! made the announcement last week along with a bunch of other services that are going to be cut off by the now rising company.